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Is it possible to cheat in Dirty Bomb?
Cheating in Dirty Bomb is indeed possible as in most other online shooters. There are not only ways to see enemies through walls (wallhacks), but also to automatically aim and shoot your guns and skills on every single Mercenary. There are also some other minor hacks and exploits that can be used to farm kills, levels, augments, credits, cases ect.

Is it legal to cheat in DB and will my account get banned?
Cheating is as old as games themselves and has always been legal before the law. However, the developer, in this case that is Nexon, is allowed to ban anyone for any reason from their service, if they deem it useful. – Therefore it is advisable to sue caution and quality cheating software if at all.

How much does the average Hack or Aimbot cost?
Your average ESP hack or aimbot for this game will cost you around 10 to 20$ per month, since skilled programmers are required to keep the software up to date and undetected at all times. If someone offers you the same for free, be sceptic.

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Dirty Bomb Cheating Methods Overview
As we already mentioned, aimbots and wallhacks are the most popular kinds of cheats for this particular title and will allow you to find enemies and kill them with ease. – These cheats, if used and configured correctly can make you seem like a very skilled player that is simply looking for some fun and should allow you to keep below the radar of people looking to report cheaters. As for other cheats, there are many things that we might see in the future: Speed hacks that allow you to run faster, flying and jumping hacks that allow you to basically fly through the map and so on. However, there are some values in the game that cannot possibly be changed, due the them being processed on the game servers: We will never see god modes, coodown hacks, damage hacks, epic hero hacks, drop hacks and so on. Neither will you ever be able to change your merc level. Another way of “enhancing ones skills” is to use scripts to automatically use skills under certain circumstances, automating certain processes like healing on support mercenaries and so on. Then last but not least we have exploits and farming servers: Whenever people figure out how to get a lot of people with the same goal (farming) on the same server, they will be able to exploit the game for basically unlimited credits, loadout cards, cases, levels and so on. With cases and elite cases being very hard to obtain, this will be kin of unfair for people that are not using this kind of exploit, but it will most likely only be a temporary occurrence.




Dirty Bomb Wallhacks and Aimbots
ESP hacks and aimbots are probably the oldest kind of cheat in online shooters and makes it’s appearance in Dirty Bomb as well. The main reason why this kind of cheat works and has continued to work for decades now is because the online games we play have to be rendered (simulated) on our PC in order for us to be able to see the games graphics. – This simple fact allows game cheaters to scan that rendering for certain objects (mostly players or NPCs) and then highlight them or have a bot automatically aim at them and shoot them. The mileage you get out of these kinds of cheats may vary depending on the merc you play: For example if you play a tank like Rhino that is not all that accurate, you may want to flank people and a Wallhack is useful, but the aimbot won’t make that much of a difference, since your accuracy with the minigun is indeed atrocious. Quite the contrary would be the case using mercs like Vassilli, where aimbots will be overpowered. The mercenaries in Dirty Bomb are vastly different from each other and figuring out the most effective ones for each cheat will be interesting indeed. Generally we recommend aimbots for assault rifle users like Arty.




How to farm Credits fast with or without cheats?
- Generally, longer and more balanced games will net you more credit and XP rewards. So try to only use your hacks if the enemy team is winning. Try to get the game as long as possible for maximum rewards.

- Daily Achievements are a great source of credits a well.
- You earn 12 credits per minute of in game time. That is the how the base fee is calculated.
- Hacks will increase your skill bonus and add a multiplier to the credits you receive at the end of a round.
- Supporting by giving out ammo packs (Aura), heals ect is a comfortable way of farming credits without using cheats. Put on a video in the background and enjoy the grind.
- Do missions. The credits you get are well worth it.
- Find some other cheaters and find a way to get all of you on the same server, then just stand there for a few hours and get AFK credits.



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