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Is it possible to cheat in FIFA 16?
Yes indeed it is possible to cheat in FIFA games including the 2016 edition. However, these cheats are not as overpowered as you may imagine: Scripts can automatically move players, do passes, score goals and cross the ball. Hacks can give you minor advantages, but there are no auto play bots or instant win hacks.

Is it legal to cheat in FIFA 16 and will I get banned?
Cheating in video games is completely legal, if not something you will get a medal for. Since cheats for FIFA 16 are relatively hard to set up and are not technically allowing you to dominate any player, strong players will still outplay any script, there is really no need to ban cheaters in FIFA 16. So overall you don’t have to worry too much, unless you are using cheap or outdated software.

How much do FIFA 16 Cheats, Scripts and Hacks cost?
This depends entirely on the provider and how often the software has to be updated to keep it undetected and working. You are usually looking at 5 to 20$ per month. Keep in mind that skilled programmers need to develop the software and keep it up to date.



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FIFA 16 general cheating methods
The means of cheating most often used in FIFA 16 include the following kinds of software and procedures:

- Auto passing / crossing / scoring scripts that automatically calculate optimal passes, movement and shots to then execute them automatically. Similar to a FIFA 16 Bot, but the player can still correct the scripts inputs with his own.
- Speed / intercept hacks that allow for better maneuvering with less delay and more outplay potential in online pvp.
- Multiple kinds of exploits (bugs in the game used as cheats) these are very temporary and usually patched within weeks.
There do not seem to be any bots this time around, because the sheer amount of added game mechanics allows simply for too many possibilities. Scripts are the way to go this time around.


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FIFA 16 Scripts and Hacks explained
Scripts are essentially small bots that automatically analyze the situation on the field and calculate optimal passes, crosses and possible scores. – They can then automatically execute these calculated moves kind of like a bot. However, they can be limited to only performing certain tasks like passing and the player can override their moves and actions at all times.

Hacks are not just bots, but they actually inject code into the game and therefore can get detected and are a bit more risky to use. There are no hacks for winning matches, scoring goals ect, but there are some minor speed hacks and hacks that allow you to win the ball from your opponent slightly more easily.



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