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Is it possible to cheat in Cabal 2?
Yes of course it is possible to cheat in Cabal 2: There are bots that will take control of you character and automatically farm levels, items and money (ALZ) for you. There are also certain scripts that will automatically target enemies and use configured spell combination son them automatically. There may also be smaller exploits andhacks like dupes, walking through walls, teleporting and so on.

Is it legal to cheat and will I get banned?
Cheating in Online Games has always been legal and that will most likely stay that way for ever. However, ESTgames has the right to ban anyone from their game and therefore it is recommended that you use software that is safe and undetected.

How much do Cabal 2 bots cost?
Your average bot for online MMORPGs will cost you around 10 to 15$ per month, since programmers need to work constantly to keep the software up to date. Free stuff will usually get your accounts banned, so don’t use it on your main account.


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General Cabal 2 Cheating Methods
As in any popular MMO, the most popular cheating method in Cabal 2 is the bot : Bots are pieces of software that are able to take control of you game character and perform actions like killing mobs, looting, completing quests and so on automatically. This allows players to automatically level up, farm gold or ALZ, far and sell items and generally take care of the more boring parts of the game to get to the endgame. Another cheating method is the use of scripts to automatically unleash your highest damage spell combinations (or abilities) on your enemies. Bot of these programs work for all classes, but bots work best on tanky classes like warriors or force shielders, since they die a lot less quickly. Then there are also hacks in Cabal 2 that allow you to teleport, run faster (speedhacks), wahlk through walls (noclip), and even flying hacks. – However, these are really hard to find, since they require a lot more work that bots and are less useful in farming. Last but not least, there are exploits that allow you to dupe items, farm unlimited experience and ALZ under certain circumstances.  – However, these bugs are usually fixed within weeks, which makes then very unreliable.


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