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A Subway Surfers Hack is any app, modification, tool, method, software or other means of gaining unfair advantages in the game, cheat, get more free Coins (money), Keys (lifes), Score, skins, character unlocks and other goodies on both Android and iOS versions of the game. – While there is a great multitude of different cheating methods for Subway Surfers, generators and hacks for unlimited free Coins (Gold / Money), Score, free Keys do not exist and are always fake.


Subway Surfers Game Hacks

There is a variety of game hacking methods for Subway Surfers on Android and iOS mobile gaming devices ranging from simple mods and game hacking tools that can be used to modify game code and activate cheating features, to bots and scripts that can though frame-perfect inputs play the game for you and farm infinite gold and key, over exploits that can make otherwise impossible stuff possible for a short time finally to more gray-area ways of cheating, such as using gamepads, alternate input devices or playing on an emulator on PC to gain slight advantages. Overall, anyone can cheat in Subway Surfers, but depending on how much time and learning you want to invest your options might be a bit more limited.

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Mods and Mod Menus

Modding is by far the most prolific and most popular real cheating method available to players of Subway Surfers on Android and iOS alike, since it is by far the easiest for even nebie cheaters to implement and while not entirely trivial, requiring users to follow some simple steps to install mods successfully, the installation process is far easier than any of the alternative means of cheating in the game. Mods are versions of the original game app that have been decompiled, reverse-engineered, modified and recompiled to become an easily installable package that can be installed instead of the original game app and comes with cheats enable by default. While mods do not technically require a rooted or jailbroken device to run properly, their installation may require a user change some system files, which will usually require admin privileges. We recommend using emulators to not have to root or jailbrake your physical mobile device.

Mod menus are premium versions mods that are made by the best developers and programmers in the industry and will generally come with more features, better cheats, faster updates, better performance and an in-game menu to customize and toggle individual hack options on or off.

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Game Hacking Tools

Using tools, such as memory editors or data editing / modding tools is a far more challenging option of implementing cheats into the Subway Surfers game spp than the use of mods, but more consistent with techniques very often outlasting many updates and persisting as effective mans of cheating for many months. – The most popular tools used for this purpose are GameGuardian for Android and GameGem for iOS. These tools will often allow for the use of scripts that are automated game modding applications that can act as trainers and mod menus though the game hacking app. – The great thing about using tools is that you will not need to find updated methods or tutorials with every hotfix, patch, new update or fix that the Subway Surfers game app receives, making this means of gaining unfair advantages far more reliable than the alternatives. However, you will need some serious dedication and some basic knowledge about game modding in order to get started with this mission.

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Bots & Scripts

Automated game bots are an extremely underrated cheating method especially in mobile games like Subway Surfer as they are able to not only play games 24/7, but also have reaction times that far exceed anything that a human would be able to bring to the table, which as you can imagine is an extremely important skill in any endless runner mobile game. A good bot for subway surfer will be able to survive for an extended time and farm a lot of coins / tokens in every run and in theory a bot will be able to pretty much survive endlessly as it is able to make the best decision possible at any time in milliseconds and calculate the best and most profitable route through the level at any time. A bot will also be able to auto complete missions, daily challenges and weekly hunts, unlock character and hoverboards.

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Generators & Online Hacks

As briefly mentioned there are no working generators and online hacks for unlimited coins and free keys in Subway Surfers: They are all fake. As to why they will never work: Game hacking uses client-side manipulation to change the data that is stored on your device (Android or iOS), but it is not possible to manipulate data that is stored server-side on the game servers in this way. The game servers are computers belonging to the developers of the game that cannot be hacked, rather it would be highly illegal and certainly not worth it for a few keys and gold coins in Subway Surfers. Also there are certainly no generators that can ‘generate’ these resources stored on the game servers. So as these features claimed by these generator websites are all impossible, we know that they are certainly not going to work and are all fake.

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Exploits & Glitches

Glitching and exploiting are procedures that use bugs in the game to gain an edge and break the game. While such exploitable bugs are always temporary, they can be extremely overpowered and server-sided bugs can even make impossible cheats like free in-game purchases, free keys, god modes, invincibility, unlimited gold and score possible for a limited time until the developers of Subway Surfers inevitably become aware of the underlying issues and fix them for good. What is also quite handy is that exploits generally require no root and no jailbrake in order to implement, making it the perfect game hacking method for newbie cheaters.

Mod Money for Subway Surfers

There are many app download websites (mostly APK download sites, but some iOS modding sites) that advertise mods that come with infinite money / unlimited money for Subway Surfers. All these downloads are fake, at least for the current version of the game is it uses server-side processing to store your account data. Such modifications were possible in the very early life of the game when it was still entirely client-sided, but these times are far gone and the game has not had any actual money modifications for many years now.

If you wish to download old versions of Subway Surfers that include unlimited money, you can use HackFinder to easily find them. Just know that you will be playing an old version of the game and not the current one that has no legit money modifications.


Overall, while most mods and hacks you will find randomly searching the web for Subway Surfers cheats will be fake or scams, the real and legit thing does exist: APK mods will be the easiest to access and install cheating method that can give you significant advantages in farming coins, keys and getting high scores, but iOS mods do exist as well and can be installed if you have a jailbroken or rooted mobile device. Getting game hacks to work with no root and no jailbrake will be significantly harder, not possible with all devices and may require an emulator. Any tool or software claiming to generate unlimited free coins for Subway Surfers is 100% fake as this kind of features is simply impossible due to server-side processing of vital account data. As always we recommend using HackFinder to find working mods and software as it only searched long-standing, trusted and clean sites for the apps you are looking for. As always, please support the game developers and use cheating apps with respect for the game and its players as to avoid reports, account bans and keeping your account safe.

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