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Is it possible to cheat in Craft Royale?
Yes cheating is possible in a variety of ways: Hacked game files for iOS and Android (APKs / IPAs) can be downloaded to implement hack options into the game without requiring a rooted phone. Hacked game clients allow for auto Craft Royale fighting, auto chest opening, speedhacks and more. Bots or automated farming software can also be used to automatically farm missions and pvp battles for rewards, gold and gems and level up cards, automatically open free chests to slowly and without you having to play unlock all cards and max them out. Bots can be both run an an app on a rooted phone or can also be run through an emulator using a macro recorder or similar. – However, there are no god modes, unlimited gems or free gold of any kind for Craft Royale, since this is an online game and your gems are stored on the Mighty Blocks servers which cannot be accessed or written.



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Craft Royale Hacks and modded APKs / game files
Hacked game files, such as APKs and IPAs for Android and iOS respectively are a very popular and effective way of cheating in Craft Royale. Cheats that can be implemented into the game include automatically farming missions and PvP, auto spawning troops to counter enemy cards dropped, auto upgrading cards and crafting using duplicates, automatically leveling your account and slowly farming towards getting all cards including epics and legendaries, farming gold and gems for free and without you having to play the game yourself.

Since the game is pretty simple, bots are in most cases just as good as real players in PvP, since they are able to almost perfectly counter enemy spawn with impeccable timing. However, you will still need to own the cards and level them first. Hacked game files for Craft Royale can be used without root on both iOS and Android, but will require a jailbreak on iOS devices.

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Craft Royale Bots and Auto Farming / Auto PvP systems
A bot is a program or app that automatically starts the game for you, farms gold, upgrades cards, opens chests, completes PvP matches and performs other simple or advanced tasks automatically for you. Craft Royale Bots can be set up on an emulator, iOS or Android. The easiest way is to use a macro recorder and bot the game through an emulator.

Botting is the closes you will get to getting unlimited gold and gems for Craft Royale. Since it is impossible to hack the values or add cards to your account using any tools, automatically farming is the way to do it. It will take time, but you won’t actually have to play the game yourself to get unlimited money.

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How to set up a Craft Royale Bot easily:

  1. Get an emulator for iOS or Android on PC
  2. Install Craft Roylae on the emulator and connect it to your apple / google account
  3. Get a Macro Recorder for Windows PC
  4. Start Recording your mouse and keystrokes
  5. Farm a mission using, consistently putting down the 1st unit / card to the field
  6. End the battle and go back to the screen where you started recording
  7. Save your recording
  8. Replay as a loop any you made yourself a Craft Royale Bot



Is it possible to get unlimited gems and gold, maxed cards?
This data is stored on the CR game servers owned by Mighty Blocks and cannot be hacked using any tool, generator ect. Do not trust people that are trying to have you fill in survey offers or human verification. These are Scams. God Mode cheats and trainers do not exist either.

Is it legal to cheat in Craft Roylae?
Cheating in any game, be it online, offline or physical is 100% legal everywhere. The worst thing that can happen is your account getting banned from playing, as cheating usually violates the ToS, which are not legally binding, but allow the developers to ban any players from their games and apps. So make sure that any Craft Royale Cheats you download are up to date and undetected.




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