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A Guns of Boom Hack is any modification, tool, script, app, software, method, technique or other manes for players to gain unfair advantages in the game, cheat, get more free Gold, free GunBucks, skins, crates, free in-app purchases and other goodies. – While there are many different means of chating in Guns of Boom, such as aimbots and ESP wallhacks, hacks and generators for unlimited free Gold, GunBucks, Skin Unlocks and free loot boxes do not exist and are always fake.

Mods & Mod Menus

Modding is arguably the most popular way of cheating in any Android or iOS mobile game including Guns of Boom, because is is by far eh most unser-friendly way of ding things, only requiring users to download the modded game client and following simple instructions to install it properly. – So while the installation process for most mods is not entirely trivial, it is far simpler than the alternatives. While mods exist for both Android and iOS, they are far more prolific on Android than they are on iOS, since development is far easier on that platform. The only downsides to game app modding is that the mod gets outdated with every update the Guns of Boom client receives and that there are many fakes out there.

Mod Menus are premium mods offering more features, faster updates, provided by the best developers in the game hacking industry, offering an in-game menu to toggle individual hack features on and off and customizing cheating options. – Free versions are often available with limited features for free users to download.

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Guns of Boom Hacks

Any cheat requires you to download a Android or iOS app to install instead of the original Guns of Boom game is called a ‘mod’ or hacked / modded version of the game. These hacks usually edit the way the game files work by changing around their code to give you activatable cheats in game when you play right out of the box. Hack can also be implemented using tools, such as memory editors (GameGuardian, Cheat Engine, Game Gem ect) and can be injected into the game after the fact and while you play.

Many Guns of Boom Hacks include a Mod Menu that shows you the available mods, that may include aimbot, wall hack, auto aim assist, unlimited ammo, speedhacks, radar hacks, damage hacks and so on. The Mod Menu then allows the player to turn the cheats on and off just like using a game trainer or similar tool. – Finding and Downloading such mods for Guns of Boom can be difficult, especially working ones, since every modded version of the game needs to be based on an exact game build and since the game gets many updates, such downloads get outdated rather quickly after each release. Follow this procedure to find legit working mods for GoB.

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This cheat is known by many names ESP (Extrasensory Perception), VAC (Visual Assistance Cheat) or simply Wallhack. Wall hack seems the most popular as it describes what this kind of app does pretty intuitively: It allows you to see enemies in Guns of Boom through walls, it also shows you explosives, dropped items, enemy health and sometimes even more information. Some Guns of Boom Wallhack also include 2D radar functionality that shows you where enemies are on the minimap.

Overall, wall cheats are some of the most sought-after cheats for Guns of Boom, since they allow you to be a lot better at the game, getting a lot more kills, GunBucks, Gold and unlocking Guns, Armor and other unlocks a lot faster without ruining your fun. Compared to an aimbot, you still have to aim and be quick, which allows you to retain a sense of achievement even through you are cheating in a mobile online multiplayer action shooter. Download of such files are quite rare again.

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Aimbots are the most powerful mod for Guns of Boom, but simultaneously the most hated tool that cheaters and modders use in this game as well and for good reason: An aimbot will either improve your aim assist to 100% or automatically lock onto targets in sight and shoot them automatically if a ‘triggerbot’ is activated and set to auto kill. Aimbots can allow you to stack up the kills and score like to no other means of hacking Guns of Boom can. An aimbot will even make late-game players with tons of armor and good weapons and gear a breeze to take down, it will make getting headshots easy, ranking up guns, getting more gold to by the best guns in the game is easy and farming is a cake walk too using this way of cheating.

However, auto aiming software is very easily detected by other players, especially if used incorrectly and if used to project power. – So it is recommended that if you get your hands on a Guns of Boom aimbot download or mod, that you use it with respect for other players and for yourself. Because overusing an auto aim bot will get you banned sooner or later, it is simply a question of time until enough people report you.

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Online Hacks & Generators

While it would certainly be nice if there were hacks to give you unlimited Gold, Gun Bucks, Cases, Battle Coins, Crates, all Skins, all Weapon Unlocks, all Camos, free ingame purchases, all elite and legendary skins, God Mode (unlimited health and armor), sadly all these cheats are not possible to achieve. – Guns of Boom is an online multiplayer shooter game for mobile. This means that all your account data, including your money and unlocks are stored on the Game Insight game servers, which cannot be hacked, modded or changed in any way and by any means.

Anyone claiming to offer you free stuff, online generators, hacks or similar tools that claim go give you free Gold for Guns of Boom or similar cheats, is trying to scam you. These people want you to fill in human verification and in the end you will get nothing.

Downloading working Hacks

Finding working and undetected downloads can be a huge undertaking these days, which is why HackerBot is always working to keep track of legitimate free download sources for mobile shooter cheats including Guns of Boom mods for both iOS and Android. You can find our Tutorial and Guide on how to find, identify and safely download and install legitimate working stuff here.

We recommend that you only ever download anything after you have verified that the cheat they are offering is possible, the hack has been confirmed working, clean and undetected within the last 24-48 hours by legitimate accounts in the comments or thread of the site where a mod has been posted. Keep in mind that with every update of Guns of Boom, all modded clients will be outdated and you need to find a new download for the current build / version of the game.

Current mods do not always exist, so we recommend checking out universal Game Hacking Tools for Android and iOS. However, it is important to note here that you should never connect any of these cheating tools and memory editors, unless you are using an alternate account or your account may get banned.

Game Cheats

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