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Is it possible to cheat in Game of War?
As in almost any strategy multiplayer game on mobile it is possible to use bots to automatically build your town, research, automatically farm quests, build defenses and troops and so on. There are a few very minor hacks, but there are no unlimited gold / silver (money) or Game of War resource hacks, since these are values that are stored on the Machine Zone game servers. Exploits may be usable once or twice per year, but are generally very rare in this particular game.

Is it legal to cheat and will my Account get banned?
Cheating in online and mobile games has always been possible and legal everywhere in the world. However, the Game of War developers, Machine Zone, do have the right to ban any user they deem unworthy from any of their services including hackers they may catch in Game of War. So while cheating in GoW is legal, you can still get your account banned if you use cheating software that is not 100% undetected and up to date or of low quality.



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What is the best way to Cheat in Game of War?
The use of automated farming software (farming bots) is the most effective way to get resources, silver, build your city and troops and even of attacking and farming players and neutral camps. Automated farming bots for Game of War are able to automatically log into the game, check your resources, build buildings, research, craft items, send out troops to raid players, gamble in the casino, do dungeons with your hero, quarries, mines or camps and can practically perform any task in the game according to the preconfigured settings, since the game is rather simple and does not require human creative thinking to the point where an AI would not be able to handle it. Game of War Bots are the most popular and arguably the best and most efficient way to cheat and will be able to save you a lot of time and maybe even money. Though we do urge you to spend money on this free to play game if you enjoy it and wan the developers to keep making it better.


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Are Game of War Bots risky to use, will they get detected?
Mobile MMOs really have not caught up to the use of bots and scripts in games like Game of War or Clash of Clans ect. The thing is that the use of bots in most cases still requires a rooted phone and that most mobile gamers just won’t go through with it, since it is too complicated for the. This keeps the number of actual bot users very low and additionally there is absolutely no way to differentiate between a computer automatically playing and a human playing in most mobile games, since they are simply not complex enough to find patterns beyond the time that a player spends online. On top of that bots do not inject code into the game app and therefore cannot possibly be detected by anti-cheats. So no at the moment the use of Bots or Simple Hacks in Game of War is literally risk-free.


Are there any Gold Hacks (Money), Silver, Wood, Stone, Food Adders and God Modes for Troops?
No, none of these hacks exist or will ever exist in the future. This is an online mobile game and that means that not all the important values are stored on your Android / iOS device, but are stored on the actual game servers belonging to the developers of the game. Values stored on these Game of War servers are unhackable using any legal means and you do not want to go to prison for attempting to hack into corporate servers. Anyone that claims to be able to give you any kind of Gold Hack, God Mode or Resource Generator for GoW is trying to scam you into filling in surveys, downloading viruses or clicking ads.



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