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A Clash of Kings Hack is any modification, tool, app, software, script, method or other means for players of the game to cheat and gain unfair advantages, get more free Gold (germs), resources, VIP levels, gear items and other goodies. – While there a huge variety of working cheating methods available for CoK on Android and iOS with no root and no jailbrake required, generators and hacks for unlimited free Gold // Gems, Money, VIP Levels and Resources do not exist and are always fake.


Mods & Mod Menus

Modding is the primary and most popular game hacking technique applied in Clash of Kings by far, because it is the easiest way for normal people without programming experience and technical know-how to access CoK cheats. – While the installation process is not quite as simple as just downloading a file and playing the game, requiring both Android and iOS users to follow some simple steps in order to install the modded APK / iOS modded app correctly, it is still far simpler than manually modding or manually hacking the game yourself. – Mods are modified version of the Clash of Kings game app that have been reverse-engineered and manipulated to include game hack features directly in the game itself.

Mod Menus are the premium versions of mods, generally being made by the best modders in the game cheating industry, offering more and better features, more powerful game hacks, faster updates and an in-game menu for toggling individual cheats on and off and customizing features easily. – Often free /trial versions are available with limited features to be downloaded for free.

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Game Hacking Tools

Are you looking for a method of cheating in Clash of Kings that does not require you to update your modded app with every single update, hotfix and patch that the CoK game client receives? – Well if you are willing to learn or have some experience with game hacking already, then the use of game hacking tools and memory editors, such as GameGuardian for Android and Game Gem for iOS, might just be right for you. – While this way of enabling cheating features is far more challenging and certainly nothing for newbie cheaters, requiring you to follow in-depth instructions / tutorials and at least have a basic understanding of the game hacking basics, techniques stay the same though many updates and the process is far more rewarding than simply downloading and installing a modded game client.

clash of kings cok mod menu hacks

Exploits & Glitches

Exploiting and glitching are the use of bugs in the game servers and game ciient in order to cheat and gain unfair advantages in Clash of Kings. – While this sort of cheat is usually extremely temporary, generally getting patched out of the game as soon as the developers learn about it, it is also one of the few cheating methods that can allow you to get cheating features that would usually be impossible, such as unlimited money, resources, troops, free in-game purchases and similar extremely overpowered game hacks. Exploits are extremely hard to find and are never guaranteed to exist at any point in the life of the Clash of Kings game app. – Another great advantage of this kind of cheat is that glitches can generally be used with no root and no jailbroken mobile device required, making it the perfect cheating method for newbie game hackers. Some exploits, such as item duplication glitches, reward exploits, bugged shops and similar can be used with no tools and no complicated guides either.

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Bots / Auto farming Apps

The use of botting software in mobile games such as Clash of Kings is pretty new and most game provders have not caught up to this particular development, which makes the use of automated farming bots in Andriod and iOS games a lot safer than on other consoles and systems. However, if you decide to use a bot to auto build your town and raid for you, make sure you do not run int 24/7. No human player can play a game for 24h per day over a prolonged time ant that is actually the one major way that bots usually get detected, given that they are usually undetectable, since they do not inject any code into the game app. Also the use of bots in mobile strategy online games like CoK is not popular enough for developers to cars, since a lot of bots actually require rooted mobile devices and most potential users do not want to deal with such complicated procedures.

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Generators and Online Hacks

As already pointed out your gold, VIP level, food, wood, iron, mithril, troops, level and research are not in any way changeable using any kind of hack or generator. Anyone offering you these kinds of hacks for Clash of Kings is trying to get you to fill in surveys or otherwise scam you. That is true due to the fact that this is an online game and all the important account values are not stored on your mobile device, but on the Elex game servers that are virtually non-hackable, unless you want to run the risk of going to prison for hacking into cooperate systems. Such hacks may work in single player games that use no servers and are fully run on your phone, but Clash of Kings is a multiplayer game and this does not apply here. Some smaller hacks and exploits may be possible here and there, but nothing that would really be useful for your game progression or power.

The device or platform you play the game on does not really influence the cheating software available for Clash of Kings: Facebook, iOS or Android ect.. the cheating methods available are always the same. The only thing that changes from device to device or between the platforms is the actual technique or code used program the software.

Mod Money /Gold for CoK

Clash of Kings is an Online Game and that essentially means that your account data, such as your wood, food, gold, items, troops and so on is stored on a PC that belongs to the game developers (Server). Data stored on this sever cannot be hacked using any generators, hack tools or anything similar someone might offer you for Download. The only way to get gold, items ect is to farm them, if you want to cheat use a auto playing bot to farm it.

Anyone that claims therefore to have a cheat program that does the impossible in Clash of Kings, is not to be trusted. Remember, on the internet anyone can claim to have a God Mode and Unlimited free Money for any game.

The Best Clash of Kings Hack

As there are no legitimate resource or money hacks for CoK, the best kind of hack to use is automated playing software or robots. Bots are able to not only build your Clash of Kings city automatically, complete research, farm events, complete daily tasks, recruit troops, complete quests, research automatically, attack monsters automatically until stamina runs out, do recommended quests and daily quests, spend skill points and a lot more. A bot is pretty much able to play the game without any user input, since the game really is rather simple and most of the time does not require creative human thought and therefore can be handled by a simple AI. Clash of Kings Bots are the fastest way of maxing out your buildings, level, troops and resources. Bots can also be set to spend of save any available resources in case of an attack.

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