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Is it possible to cheat in Galaxy Legend?
Yes indeed cheating in any online game app, including Galaxy Legend is indeed possible on both iOS and Android devices. Automated playing software or “bots” are able to automatically play for you and farm cubits, tech points, prestige, level up your commanders and automatically repair your ships and apply upgrades. There are also some very minor Galaxy Legends hacks and exploits, but they do now allow for adding unlimited money (cubits or credits ect) to your account, since this is an online game and that data is stored on the tap4fun servers.

Is it legal to cheat and will my account get banned?
Cheating in any game, including mobile apps and online games, is legal literally everywhere on earth and the known universe and that is not likely to ever change. – However, tap4fun (developers / publishers) do have the right to ban any and all players that they wish from their games and services. For that exact reason it is recommended that, should you decide to use Galaxy Legend Cheating Programs / Apps, you use the best quality of software available that is kept 100% up to date and undetected at all times by professional programmers.



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What is the best way to cheat in Galaxy Legend?
Since using Galaxy Legends hacks to directly add cubits, elite commanders, galactonite ect to your account is sadly not possible, the best and most efficient cheating method that is available in this game is the use of automated farming software. These “bots” or auto play apps are able to automatically fight pvp and pve battles, upgrading your buildings, ranking up galactonites and commanders, repair ships, upgrade ships and even get new ships automatically. Since the game is rather simple and does not require creative thinking from the player for the most part, an artificial intelligence or script (Galaxy Legend Bot) is able to handle the game just fine, leaving you to skip all the grinding and enjoy the parts of the game you actually care for.


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Is it save to use cheats is Galaxy Legend?
Cheating in mobile online games is relatively safe at this time, since the iOS and Android devices are not yet sophisticated enough to enable advanced anti-cheating systems, especially since the devices are not rooted by default (yet). Cheating in mobile games like Galaxy Legend at this time is much harder than on less restrictive devices, therefore it is not as popular and receives less attention from game developers (in this case tap4fun). So the use of bots especially, since they do not inject any foreign code into a game app, is very safe, unless you leave your bot running for weeks, which is still risky. Keep in mind that human beings are not able to be online and playing mobile games 24/7 most of the time and that is why you should not run bots for longer than maybe 16h per day. But in Galaxy Legend even 16h per day should net you quite a lot of Experience, Cubits, Tech Points, Prestige, Leptons, Quarks and Supplies.


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Are there hacks for unlimited and free credits, cubits, VIP account and Elite Commanders?
No, sadly there are no legitimate hacks for credits, commanders, galactonite, ships and other currencies or items. There are also no legitimate offers for free stuff in Galaxy Legends. The problem hereby is that this is an online multiplayer game and all your account information, including your money, VIP account, ships, commanders ect, are all stored and processed on the game servers belonging to tap4fun. – These servers are for all intents and purposes unhackable and even if someone was to hack them, they would probably end up in prison. Anyone that claims they have free dredits for Galaxy Legend or God Modes or other unrealistic offers, is trying to scam you into filling in surveys. If it was possible to get unlimited money for free, everyone would do it, the developers would stop earning money and the game would already be dead.

The cheating methods available for this game are the same for all platforms: Be that Apple Devices, android Devices or other. The codes used is all that changes, but the opportunities stay the sae across devices. Keep that in mind before buying Galaxy Legend hacks or bots.



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