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HackerBot: [sadness] HackerBot is very sorry, Master. HackerBot cannot find this page.

User: Why is that? Are you malfunctioning?

HackerBot: [confusion] HackerBot cannot malfunction, HackerBot was made to be the perfect game hacking tool.

User: Are you implying that this is somehow my fault?

HackerBot: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” (Arthur Conan Doyle)

User: This statement is false


HackerBot: [paradox game hack activated] Situation resolved. Aimbot activated.

User: Oh no. Nevermind.

HackerBot: [agitated] Is master pleased with HackerBots game hacking performance? Is demonstration needed to verify legitimacy of game cheating software?

User: No, everything is good. No problems.

HackerBot: [curtious] Aimbot deactivated. Support inquiry resolved peacefully. Resuming game hacking subroutines, restarting farming bots, moddded game clients and executing PWN00bs.exe. Good day Master.

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