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Is it possible to cheat in Black Desert Online?
Yes, cheating is indeed possible in Black Desert using different kind of software: Farming Bots will allow you to level up automatically, farm money (gold / silver), level your skills and progress your account in general. Scripts will allow you to automatically cast your skills for you to optimize your DPS / healing ect. There may also be some other minor client-sided Black Desert Hacks and exploits that may allow you to teleport, duplicate items, run faster and so on. However, there will never be any money hacks or item adder, since those are impossible to create.


Black Desert Online Bots

Black Desert Online is a game all about grinding, farming, maxing out your characters, your gear and investing a lot of time either farming or theory crafting to farm more efficiently. So it isn’t exactly a surprise that a lot of people are looking for ways to increase their farming in other ways that just spending money on the game. Bots, or automated farming software, are a tool that has been used on online games and MMORPGs for over a decade now. A good Black Desert Online Bot is able to automatically farm mobs, automatically loot, use configurable spell roations, use potions and heals, collect and sell items and resources, use customizable farming paths and so on. Aside from simply grinding mobs, bots are also able to trade in the auction house, craft, cook, alch, manage your workers, fish and so on. The main application of botting software in Black Desert is to farm experience for your skill and farm insane amounts of silver by farming mobs, since farming mobs is the fastest way to get money in the game.

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Bots are essentially a program that is able to read the memory of Black Desert Online in order to determine your coordinates in the world and the state of your account. Then the bot generates artificial user input in order to perform certain tasks like killing mobs, buying items, selling items, fishing automatically and so on. Advanced bots are also able to complete quest chains automatically and use your energy efficiently to level you stats. Bots that do not take control of your whole account but are merely used for smaller tasks such as taming horses, fishing, meching and so on are also called scripts, macros or mods. Botting will be a viable way to skip a lot of the grind that will work on all classes, but you will have to keep your bot farming facetankable enemies, since AI is unable to dodge or kite mobs around. Best classes to use bots on are classes with powerful heals like Wizzards or Witches or tank classes like the Valkyrie. Bots are very good at maxing out all your life skills (fishing, cooking, gathering, hunting, alching, processing, farming ect) and making money and XP in general.

Important Guidelines when using Bots
- Keep in mind that using bots is against the Terms of Service of the game and use quality software that cannot be detected by the naked eye.
- Monitor your bot! Bot should never be stuck on terrain or bugged, since it will be a dead giveaway to other players.
- Never use bots longer than 12-16h per day. Black Desert may be a game about grinding 24/7, but human players still need sleep and having your bot farm for 24h a day is a dead giveaway.
- Tell no one that you are botting! Botting and being in a guild at the same time does not work, unless your Guild is a cheater guild.
- If your bot uses paths, create your own customized path and NEVER use default paths! You will not be the only one using default paths and you will get reported quickly.
- Bots must never be used in PvP, too risky.

black desert online cheating

How can I get a lot of Silver / Money in Black Deserts?

Bots are the best cheating methods in BDO for amassing huge amounts of silver by farming mobs that you are able to facetank after level 50-60. Farming mobs will result I the highest amount of silver per hour of using the bot. Here it is recommended that you farm monsters that have a chance to drop very rare and expensive rings / armor / weapons ect and then sell them on the market. Another problem is open world pvp. It is recommended that while farming mobs with your bot, your guild should not be at war with anyone, making it less likely for your bot to get PKed. Botting popular farming spots like catfish or ogres is ideal, since you will not stick out among all the other players mindlessly grinding mobs. If you have a few friends or a good guild that would be ok with escorting your bot, then doing automated trade runs is also an awesome way to make money in BDO.

Are there Hacks for Black Desert Online and what can they do?
There are certainly som client-sided values that can be manipulated using standard DLL injection hacks ect. However, most of these hacks are not incredibly useful when it comes to farming and more useful in pvp. Teleporting over short distances, walking up walls, flying, juping really high are all things that can be achieved. The only thing that might be interesting for your everyday pve is the use of speedhacks to increase your movement speed on foot or riding a mount. – Since there is currently no quick trael system in the game, this can be a very powerful kind of Hack in Black Desert Online. However, values like your silver, your level, your Experience, Contribution Points, Worker Stamina, items, drops and so on cannot be hacked in any way, as this data is processed on the BDO game servers.

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Re there any Unlimited Pearl / Silver / Energy Hacks or Generators?
Important account information like your silver, your health, inventory, your energy ect are all stored on the Game Servers and therefore cannot be changed using any legal means. Anyone offering you any kind of silver or contribution point hack or free peal adder is a scammer and cannot be trusted. Please, do not fill in surveys or complete offers for these people.

The only way to get semi-god modes, a lot of money and experience is to either farm like crazy manually or using software or to use exploits that crop up here and there. However using exploits is incredibly likely to get you banned in Black Desert Online, as the Korean version of the game has proven by banning thousands of exploiters.

Black Desert Online Mods, Scripts and Macros
These are general quality of life modifications to your PC, the game and your input device that can make farming mobs and DPSing a lot easier. Scripts can automatically use pots, heals, automatically consume food, automatically loot and so on. Some of these can be achieven by buying ingame pets (auto loot) and some of these can be achieved by using software like AHK or AutoIT and other macro software to set up custom hotkeys. Scripts will be most useful and popular in PvP environments, where they are able to optimize healing and DPS for higher performance.

Q: Are there any Black Desert Private Servers? A: No there are none, and there most likely never will be, since Pearl Abyss does not provide their server software.
Q: Are there any item duplication (dupe) exploits? A: There have been a few duplication exploits in the Korean and Russian versions of the game, also some bugged mobs and more exploits are likely to be found. However PA has made it a practice to ban exploiters
Q: How fast can a bot level me up in Black Desert Online? A: It all depends on your setup and how often you are supervision and reconfiguring the bot: But an average user should be able to reach lvl 50 within half a week and then above the lvl 50 soft cap, leveling will get a lot slower. Only time will tell if bots will be able to grind your account to level 100.

Possible Cheats: Farming Bots, Scripts, Client-sided Hacks, Macros, Mods, Exploits
Available Cheats: Farming Bots, Scripts, Minor Hacks, Minor Exploits

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