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Is it possible to cheat in Dead by Daylight?
Yes cheating is indeed possible. However, since there aren’t really any ranged weapons in the game, there are no aimbots, but there are wallhacks that will show you where all the survivors are or where the killer is respectively. Besides the obvious advantage such hacks will give you, that is constant vision of the enemy,  they will also make the game a bit less scary if you are the easily frightened kind of player.

Is it legal to cheat and will I get banned for doing it?
Cheating in online multiplayer games is 100% legal everywhere in the world. Noone will necessarily love you for using hacks in Dead by Daylight, but the worst thing that can really happen is that your account gets banned by Behaviour Interactive. That is the worst that can happen and only if you are using low quality hack software.



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Dead by Daylight Wallhacks
Wallhacks will show you all the players on the map, all the important objects like generators, items ect. Some hacks may even be able to complete skill checks for you automatically. Overall your awareness will be incredible, knowing at all times where any item is anywhere on the map and any player, their status and so on. So if you feel competitive about the game, you might want to go for this kind of hack, since getting good at DbD is really mostly about awareness and movement and this cheat takes care of awareness completely.

Wallahcks for Dead by Daylight will also show you any kind of intractable items on the map the progress on generators and any other important information that might help you. Traps will also be highlighted for the survivor side, which makes the late game a lot easier.


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