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Is it possible to cheat in DragonSoul?
Chating is possible, mostly through automation by use of bots and other automated scripts that play the game for you. There are also some minor hacks, hacked .apk clients and minor exploits here and there. However, there is NO way to get unlimited gold, diamonds, VIP, stamina, hero health and so on, since this data is on the game server and therefore is not hackable in any way whatsoever.

Is it legal and will I get banned for using cheats?
Cheating in any kind of game, the use of hacks for your personal account and bots to automatically farm is completely legal everywhere in the world. The worst thing that can potentially happen is your account getting banned, since the developers (PerBlue) have the right to ban any account for any reason whatsoever. However, bans are unheard of in this game at this point.


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DragonSoul Bots
Woudn’t it be nice if you could instantly spend all your stamina / energy on raiding missions for money and experience right away without wasting anything? Well that is basically what a bot can do for you. A bot or script will essentially perform simple ingame actions on its own at certain intervals in order to get you the most benefit: That means automatically raid farm, automatically fight  guild wars, automatically level up heroes, open free chests and so on.

Using bots is the best and cheapest way to level up your heroes quickly without having to actually be awake 24 hours every day to connect to the game and play yourself. This can be done using professional software or using macros and emulators using techniques you can find in our tutorials section using click bots and other simple macros, since DragonSouls is a game with static navigation pretty much. However, simple click bots and apps will not be able to use abilities, adjust hero compositions and so on.

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DragonSoul Money, Gold, Diamond Hacks?
It is impossible to hack any kind of money in DragonSoul, since it is not a single player game, but an online mobile game. This goes for iOS, Android and all other platforms. Your money is stored on the DS game servers and cannot be accessed or rewritten from your side in any way. Hacking the servers is impossible. If this kind of hack was possible, the developers would stop making money and the game would simply shut down.

DragonSoul Hero God Mode (Unlimited Helath)
Same as your level, your money, your diamonds and items, unlocked heroes ect. The Hero health cannot be hacked by any kind of software whatsoever, since it is stored on the game server. If anyone is offering you such “hacks” and need you to fill in some shady survey, don’t trust them please or learn the hard way.

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Hacked APKs and Hacks
Sicne this game is online, there is only so much that hacking can do for you. On one hand it is possible to speed up battles (speedhacks), it is possible to automatically use abilities as soon as they are up, automatically trigger missions and here and there there will be an exploit that allows hackers to create scripts to farm almost infinitely when there is a stamina bug or bugged mission rewards and so on, but those kinds of exploitable bugs are pretty rare.

Is cheating possible on both iOS and Android?
Cheating is possible on both platforms, but since programming and emulation is much easier on Android, that is the recommended platform for using any kind of cheat software. Especially since bots can be executed from the PC platform and through emulation interact with the game, that is the recommended operating system.


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