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Is it possible to cheat in LawBreakers?
Yes, as in a lot of shooters, it is possible to use hacks and aimbots in LawBreakers as well. Aimbots will automatically aim your guns and abilities for you and shoot enemies (triggerbot). Wallhacks will allow you to see enemies at all times and make it easier to find and kill them. There may also be some minor speedhacks and teleporting tools. However, there are no unliockers for skis, unlimited NX or other ingame items. There is also no god mode, since this is an online shooter and your health, ammo ect are stored in the game servers and cannot be changed.

Is cheating legal and will my account get banned?
Cheating in online shooters is just as legal as stacking the deck in a game of cards. The worst thing that can potentially happen is that you are downloading a hack that is detected and get banned from the game. Keep in mind Nexon has the right to ban anyone from their services for any reason. So if you are looking to Download a LawBreakers Aimbot or Hack, make sure it is of high quality and 100% undetected at all times. Usually those hacks have to be bought.


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LawBreakers Hacks and Aimbots
Both ESPs (Extrasensory Perception Tools) and Automated aiming tools exploit the same feature that online shooters in general and LawBreakers have: The whole map and every player on the map are processed on your consoles / PCs GPU and therefore their location(coordiantes) can be extracted and used to either show enemies on the minimap, on your screen or even automatically aim your gun and abilities at them to get easier kills, win more matches and get a better score.

The aimbot will usually be mapped to a key and will aim at the closest enemy in sight once the key is held down. A triggerbot can be activated to automatically shoot at enemies that you are aiming at. Bot usually work together. However, keep in mind that using an aimbot can be very obvious if you use it too much or without any experience. So to avoid manual reports, try to use quality aiming bots that allow for slowed aiming and shooting delays to hide your cheating activity and stay undetected. Wallhacks will show you all the enemies, their characters / class and their health on your map and through walls, making finding them and killing them much easier.


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