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Is there a way to cheat in Duel Links? Can I get Free Cards / Packs?
Indeed cheating is possible on both Android and iOS (or Emulators) using Yu-Gi-OH! Duel Links Bots to automatically farm keys, gate gems and gold for you, level up your characters, redeem rewards, open packs an generally auto play the game. There are also hacks and hacked APKs/IPAs that can be employed to gain advantages, such as seeing face down cards and auto collecting rewards at the duel gate. Exploits (exploitable bugs in the game) may allow unlimited gens and gold cheats which are usually impossible. However, there are no unlimited gem, of free pack generators, adders or other hacks to directly add money or free purchases to your account, since this is an online game.


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YuGiOh Duel Links Farming Bots (Auto Play)
A farming bot is a script that is either run on your mobile device as an app or on your PC to interface with the game directly there. The bots is able to automatically perform actions in the game app and play the game for you without you having to play. Bots are able to play your deck in PvE as in farming Legendary Duelist battles, PvP and Stage Missions for rewards and experience, automatically collect rewards and farm gold, gems ect. This automated farming will allow you to get more free packs without spending money and get all the rare, super rare, ultra rare, ultimate rare, ghost rare and secret rare cards as fast and easily as possible.

Most bots are either run on PC and Android, but they do still exist for iPhones as well. On Android the bot will require a rooted phone, so the easiest way to run a bot is either using an emulator or the PC. Bot should not be left to farm for longer than 12h at a time. Bots are generally undetectable and safe, but playing for too long at a time is still problematic. Bot are not as good at playing Duel Links as a human would be, but the AI can perform above average.


yugioh duel links auto farm bot


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Hack and Modded APK / IPA
The use of hacks is another very popular way of cheating in Duel Links due to its simplicity: All you need to do is to get a legitimate modded game file (APK or IPA), download it, install it on your phone and play. Modded game clients will not even require a root, but will require a jailbroken device on iOS. These kinds of hacks can provide you with seeing face down cards, faster animations, auto reward collection from the duelist gate and even some auto farming scripts through the app itself. These tools can also auto collect login rewards for you every day.

However, the problem about YuGiOH Duel Links Hacks is that they can not only be detected, which can lead to a ban, but they can also be outdated pretty quickly. Every time the game updates the app, the hacked app needs an update as well, leading to decreased uptime. So be careful when using these kinds of tools, make sure they are 100% undetected and up to date before you download or buy.


duel links gems packs free tool download


Is it legal to cheat in YGO Duel Links?
Cheating in any game is completely legal as long as you don’t make any money from it. So do not worry. The worst thing that can happen is that your account gets a warning or banned if you are a repeat cheater. But if you buy quality cheating software that is undetectable, you will be fine and a bot is general a lot safer than a hack. Keep in mind that Konami has the right to ban anyone from their online game service. So only use tools that are of the highest quality.

Is there some kind of Generator or Hack for Free Coins (gold) and Gems or Packs?
No there is not. Duel Links is an online CCG, an online multiplayer game. That basically means that your account data is stored on the Konami game servers and cannot be hacked by any tool or generator. The only way to do this would be you being friends with a server administrator and him adding goodies to your account or you running a private server (emulated server) for yourself and others to get unlimited money and all cards… but that impossible at this time.

Can bots play any deck?
An AI (artificial intelligence / robot) can only follow a preprogrammed script and not think creatively as we players do. So a Duel Link bot will either just play monster / minion cards and then follow up with tribute summons, traps and spell when useful, unless they are programmed to go for a different play. Most bots come with a bunch of different behavior files that can be switched.


How can I report Cheaters and Spammers in the Game?
If during your travels you encounter some cheaters that annoy you, it is best to report them to get their accounts reviewed and banned. Any person that downloads and uses hacks with no regard for other players, deserves to be banned:

1. Go into your settings menu
2. Go to “Contact Us”
3. Tap / Click “Submit Game Issue Inquiry”
4. Sign up for the support forum and post your issue.
5. Yaay cheaters and spam bots will now get banned.

If you are a cheater yourself, take heed that you do not annoy other players, or they will report you. Cheating is about saving time and having an easier game, not about annoying others. If you are using a automated bot, use it against the AI and Legendary Duelists to farm, not against actual players is PvP.




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