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Is it possible to cheat in Lineage 2 Revolution?
Yes indeed, cheating is possible using different tools: Hacks and modded game files can be used to implement cheating options into the game directly, such as enabling speedhacks, unlimited combo counters, auto questing, auto reward collection, auto login, walking through walls, teleporting and a lot more. Hacking Lineage2 Revolution is possible on both iOS and Android, but easier on Android. Bots or automated game playing apps and macros can be used to automate farming, questing, dungeons, reward collection and a lot more. Scripts can also be used to farm essentially unlimited XP, Adena / Gold and Diamonds over time. However, there are NO unlimited diamond and money generators for L2 Revolution of any kind, since this is an online game all your important account data is stored in the game servers belonging to Netmarble and cannot be hacked by any means.

Lineage 2 Revolution Hacks

When it comes to enabling or rather implementing cheating options into the game, there are essentially 2 different ways of hacking this game: On one hand it is possible to use game hacking apps or memory editors to directly manipulate values in the game memory. Apps and programs, such as GameGuardian, Cheat Engine or similar apps can be used to do this manually, however this will require either in-depth guides on how to implement and manipulate the code or advanced knowledge, except for simpler things such as speedhacks.

The alternative way to hacking the game yourself is to use modded APKs and IPA files that have been prehacked by someone who knows their stuff. In this case you are downloading a hopefully clean APK / IPA file (or game client) that has been decompiled, manipulated to implement hardcoded cheating options and recompiled to be compatible with the current update of the game. The downside with modded game files for Lineage 2 R is that you need to know trustworthy sources and not fall for all the fake downloads out there. You can find trustworthy providers in our access program.

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Lineage 2 Bots and faming Macros
A bot is essentially an app or program that is run either from your Android / iOS phone, from a PC or Mac to automatically log into the game and perform actions for you that will gain you XP, Adena, Diamonds / Gems, equipment upgrades ect through farming quests, dailies, weekly quests, redeeming login rewards, greeting people and friends for the friendship point shop ect. Using a bot over long periods of time will essentially give you unlimited red Diamonds, gold, enable you to max out your character level, combat power rating, max out your gear by crafting and forging, auto completing daily dungeons, collecting play time rewards, free equipment and material boxes ect. Bots will also auto collect all rewards from your mail, auto fight mobs, auto quest without interruption and essentially let you enjoy the spoils of playing Lineage2 Revolution without all the hassle that comes with having to farm 4h or more per day.

Macros are a more simple and usually free way of setting up your own bot through running and iOS / Android Emulator on PC and then setting up a macro to auto tap and click to farm the game that way. Harder to do, but 100% free.


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 Is it legal to cheat in Lineage 2 Revolution?
Yes. Cheating in mobile and online games is just as 100%ly legal as cheating in a friendly game or cards in your favorite pub. Unless you are running bot armies to farm gems and then sell them for real money, you are good. However, Netmarble, the developers of the game, do have the right to ban any player from their services at any time and for any reason. - So considering this you may still want to think twice before breaking their EULA / ToS, which are not enforceable contracts, but game rules. also make sure that if you are going to download cheating apps for Lineage 2 Revolution, you are downloading quality software that is kept up to date at all times and is 100% undetectable.

Are there free unlimited Diamond / Gem / Money generators?
No. As already mentioned, L2R is an online game and your "savegame" or rather your account data including your inventory, health, diamonds, topaz, mileage, items, XP and all that good stuff is stored on the game servers, huge PCs in Netmarbles Basement that cannot be hacke. The only way to get unlimited diamonds in Lineage 2 Revolution would be to know or be a game admin, which you probably don’t.  - So please, do not trust people that claim to have impossible generators, tools and hacks on the internets.



How to create your own Bot for Lineage II Revolution:

  1. Install an emulator for your mobile OS on your PC
  2. Get a macro recorder with editor fuctionality to record your scipt with
  3. Star the emulator, connect your google/apple account and install Lineage 2 Revolution
  4. Start at a certain menu or place in the game, start recording your macro
  5. Perform actions, such as collecting rewards, auto questing, collecting mail rewards ect and go back the the place and menu where you started, stop the recording
  6. Now play the recorded macro back as a LOOP and volla you got yourself a L2R bot
  7. Now use the editor function to insert new loops, edit the loop and make it more complex. I fthe bot gets stuck, try to find a workaround.
  8. You now know how to bot a lot of mobile games completely or partially without custom apps.
  9. Have fun.

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Multiboxing and Multi Account Leveling
Since this is one of the first real open world MMORPGs on mobile devices, it is also the first time that multiboxing can be applied as a way to level and farm a lot of accounts at the same time. Multiboxing requires you to run the game on a PC through an emulator, such as NOX, which is able to run the game without issue and use multiboxing software in order to replicate your main user input to all the other instances of the game and all your other accounts. This allows you to level an essentially unlimited number of Lineage 2 Revolution accounts at the same time, farm gold, items ect. However, do keep in mind that you should do this only for your own use and not to sell accounts or diamonds ect. Why do people do it? Because farming in a group is a lot faster and you can farm the friendship point system perfectly if you control all your friends accounts.