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Is it possible to cheat in Arena of Valor: 5v5 (iOS/Android)?
Indeed cheating is more than just possible in Arena of Valor: Hacks and Scripts can be used to unlock free skins, auto attack and aim abilities, auto use talents, buy items and a lot more. Scripts and bots can also be used to farm gold/coins and gems on your account more quickly and get your hero proficiency up. In ranked the most powerful cheats will be scripts, alternative controllers and radar hacks / map hacks that show enemies and creeps on the map even in fog of war. However, there are no unlimited gems and infinite gold generators, infinite vouchers, God Modes or champion unlockers, since this in an online MOBA game and your account data cannot be hacked.

Arena of Valor Hacks

Hacks are modification to the Arena of Valor application file on your mobile device that give you options, such as map hacks, speedhacks ect that are usually impossible to gain an edge in the game. These modifications are either applied manually through the use of memory editing tools or are already integrated into a custom game file, modded / hacked APK or modded iOS game file. Some hacks will require a rooted phone, while modded games only require a jailbroken device on iOS. Game hacking in Arena of Valor can be useful, since it will allow you to get information, such as the position of enemies on the map that can improve your gameplay by a huge amount. However, if you are not a competitive AoV player, the alvailable cheating options may not be enough for you and you may want to instead consider using bots to farm the game for gold and gems instead.

It is also important to not again that this is an online game and that your “save game” and account information get stored on servers belonging to Tencent Games that cannot be modded or hacked through any means. Anyone claiming the existence of money/coin generators, unlimited gem / voucher hacks, god modes ect is lying and probably trying to take advantage of you. Impossible cheats are impossible.

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Arena of Valor Bots and Scripts

Since farming money, hero proficiency and levels in this game is fairly easy: Running down a lane and attacking using 4 skills as they come off cooldown. – Bots or automated playing software and apps can be used to automate gold farming, EXP farming and hero proficiency farming as well as leveling up your account. Some bots can be downloaded and others you can make yourself by recording macros through an emulator on PC.

Scripts on the other hand are automated ability and talent uses tied to ingame information: As an example scripts can automatically trigger the use of healing abilities/talents when you reach for example 20% health in order to automatically give you more survivability in a team fight or 1v1 without you having to trigger it yourself, eliminating human error entirely. Scripts are very effective tools for hardcore AoV competitive players especially.

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Is it legal to cheat in AoV?
Cheating in mobile games including online MOBAs such as Arena of Valor is 100% legal everywhere in the world. Not a lot of people are going to love you for it, but beyond that its ok. The only risk you are taking is that you lose your account as Tencent Games have the right to ban any player for any reason at any time. – Keep in mind this is their game and they have the good right to deny you service. So try to keep the cheats you download as high-quality as possible and make sure any hacks are up to date and undetected at all times to keep your game account safe.

Cheating in Arena of Valor Ranked
So what cheats can be used to easily hit master and conqueror tier in Arena or Valor then? – The answer is not one single technique. Here is a list of the most effective ways of cheating in Arena of Valor ranked and unranked gameplay alike with the risk factor attached as well. While not technically a cheat, you may also want to set up your game on an Emulator on PC to make contolls easier, more efficient, decrease lag ect to give you a huge advantage over mobile players. However, while some techniques are OP, you won’t get chain pentakills all the time.

Top Best Arena of Valor Game Hacks/Cheats:

  1. Using PC controls through an emulator such as NOX (huge advantage)
  2. Using map hacks (modded APKs)
  3. Using zoomhacks (gameguardian/hacked APKs)
  4. Using speedhacks
  5. Using Heal / Escape Scripts
  6. Buying ELO / Rank Boosting Services
  7. Queuing with friends and voice cheat (significant advantage)

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