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Is it possible to cheat in Destiny 2?
Yes. There are cheating tools, such as aimbots that automatically aim and shoot four you in both PvE and PvP, Wallhacks that let you see enemies and players through walls, Bots that automatically farm gear for you and many more possible hacks. – However, there are no God Modes, unlimited XP, silver or glimmer hacks, legendary / exotic weapon and gear / item hacks, damage hacks, instant super ability cooldowns and so on. This is an online game and any integral ingame values are processed on the Bungie / Activision Destiny 2 servers that cannot be hacked or modded.

Destiny 2 Aimbots / Auto Aim

The Aimbot in Destiny 2 is a program that assists your aiming or takes it over completely to kill enemies with 100% accuracy in both PvE and PvP alike. The aimbot is usually triggered by holding down a specific button or key and will lock on to the target closest to your crosshair and trigger shots as soon as line of sight is a given and the enemy player/mob can be killed. – This kind of Destiny 2 Cheat is possible on both Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Consoles and the PC, but most popular on Windows PC, because it is easiest to set up there.

Aimbots are a hack in that code is usually injected into the game to make them work, which means they can be detected. – So be careful when using any kind of free Destiny 2 Aimbots that you download from random websites online, they may well get you banned. As always it is recommended to use private hacks instead that are up to date and undetected at all times.

destiny 2 aimbot

Destiny 2 Hacks / Mods

Hacks are any kind of modification on the Destiny 2 game client on any platform that give you an advantage: cooldown hacks, speedhacks, noclip (walking through walls), teleporting, god modes, invisibility cheats, no recoil, no spread, damage hacks, item spawning, loot hacks, wallhacks, ESP hacks and so on. All of these can potentially be detected, so as always check any free software you download before you use it on your Destiny 2 account.

No Recoil / No Spread Hacks: The name says it all: These reduce or eliminate spread and recoil on your weapons, generally increasing your DPS a lot. This kind of mod can be incredibly powerful on shotguns, SMGs, abilities ect. It is likely that some of these may work for a long time.
God Mode Hacks: These are impossible in Destiny 2 and most other online shooters as well. Sorry.
Unlimited Ammo: Just like God Mode / Unlimited Hleath… impossble. Same for grenades.
Damage Hacks: If modifying damage is ever possible in Destiny 2, then it will get patched quickly or be don’t through no-pread.
Cooldown Hacks: Hacks that shorten your cooldowns, making it possible to spam abilities. Some of these exploits have been found during the Beta, but will 100% be patched in the main release. Very unlikely.
No Clip / Walking through walls: It is very possible that this kind of cheat will work, potentially allowing players to hide in objects during raids / strikes / PvP crucible, giving them a kind of pseudo god mode.
Wallhacks / ESP Hacks: This kind of cheat is guaranteed to work in Destiny 2 and will allow players to see through walls, see health bars, advanced information, 2D radar and 3D radar ect. Very powerful cheat, especially in combination with a good Destiny 2 Aimbot.

destiny 2 wallhack

Destiny 2 Exploits

Exploits are unintended game mechanics and bugs in the game that allow players to gain an advantage. As an example it was possible to get unlimited supers during the Destiny 2 beta by timing your super with using an object and then changing weapons. – These exploits are usually patched within days of getting through to the public and only very few stay private and undetected for very long.

However, once in a while it happens that players find bugged mobs, bugged XP rewards, bugged mechanics, bugged raids, bugged maps and exploit them to farm Legendary and Exotic Weapons / Gear, engrams, EDZ tokens, loot chests, raid gear, Glimmer, Silver, leveling up quickly, farming engrams ect. Every online game has its loot cave that can be exploited either manually or using very simple bots or macros.

How to use Destiny 2 Hacks Safely

  1. Don’t annoy other players! The less you piss people off, the less likely they are to report you.
  2. Don’t be toxic. Same as number 1.
  3. Only use Destiny 2 Hacks that are up to date and confirmed working / undetected within the last 24h.
  4. Use private cheats, rather than public ones, since public cheats get banned sooner or later.
  5. If you are using an aimbot, use aim-smoothing options to slow down aiming and use deleays to make your movements seem more natural.
  6. Don’t try to be #1 in DPS and #1 in kills all the time, aim for #2 or #3. It’s just good manners. Only because you hack games, does not means you have to be a prick.

Destiny 2 Scripts / Macros

Your human reflexes get slower after the age of merely 16, which means a lot of us ‘older’ folks simply can’t react as quickly as some of the younger Destiny 2 players out there. So if you are old and still want to compete in PvP and be the top DPS, you can still use Scripts and Macros to automatically trigger abilities, shields, heals, melee attacks ect. Scripts will read game data such as your health, your ammo, your crosshairs ect and are able to automatically trigger actions based on that information.

The most well-known kind of script is the triggerbot that will for example automatically trigger your melee attack or gun if an enemy is in your crosshairs, making it unnecessary for you to react yourself. Scripts can be used for hundreds of different builds, purposes to augment your human abilities and make you compete more easily in Destiny 2 pro PvP and PvE at the highest level.


destiny 2 cheats

Endagame Farming using D2 Hack Software
The Destiny endgame is all about that loot of course, meaning you want to farm your Legendary Shards from Strikes, Trials, Raids ect to buy the best exotic gear and weapons in Destiny 2. So what cheats can you use to get your Power rating up above 260, 300, 400 light level and beyond?

The best hack to use in the Destiny 2 endgame is obviously the aimbot: It will allow you to do anything you need to do to grind lategame gear more efficiently. It will improve your DPS by aiming at weaspots in PvE and PvP, allowing you to dispatch enemies faster and farm more efficiently and quickly to get the best weapons and armor in the game faster. However, to grind even more quickly, you may still want to join a good clan, because having firneds is at least as important as having a good hack when it comes to grinding mobs and gear points, engrams and XP.


Is it legal to cheat in Destiny 2? Will I get banned?
Cheating in any game, including online multiplayer shooters is completely legal everywhere. However, since cheating is against the ToS, Bungie/Activision can ban you from their game. In fact they can ban any person from their services for any reason. That is their good right. So if you decide that cheating in Destiny 2 is for you, you may want to keep that in mind and only use premium software.

What Platform is best for cheating in Destiny 2? Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC?
It is going to be very hard to get hacks going on current generation consoles and unless you have some very advanced knowledge and hardware when it comes to packet editing or are in possession of a Xbox One or PlayStation 4 that has been hacked and is able to run unsigned code, PC is going to be the best platform for running Destiny 2 cheats.


Tip: This is where you get Exotics / Engrams:

  • Story missions (100% drop chance for 2 Exotics)
  • Story Mission Completion (100% exotic Engram)
  • Public Events (very low drop rate for Exotic Engrams ~1%)
  • Public Heroic Events (same but higher ~3%)
  • Quests after Story Quest is complete (100% drop chance)
  • Trials (low drop rate ~5%)
  • Strikes (low drop rate ~5%)
  • Raids (drop rate for Exotics unknown)
  • Xur (Trader) can shot up on Planets and sells Exotic Gear (100% chance)
  • Preorder Bonus can be picked up from your Gunsmith after Story Completion


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