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A Strike Force Hack is any software, mod, tool or method that allows MSF players to gain an advantage in PvE and the PvP arena, get more free power cores and gold more quickly and max out legendary characters easier in Strike Force. While there are many possible cheats, generators or hacks for unlimited / free Power Cores and Gold do not exist.

Strike Force Hacks

The two main ways of hacking Strike Force on Android an iOS are the use of game hacking tools and the use of mods: While modding is the easier method, only requiring you to download a APK or IPA file, installing it and playing the game, APK mods and modded IPA apps need to be updated quite often. – The use of game hacking tools on the other hand can be very difficult and while mods may be used with no root and no jailbreak, the same is not true for most game hacking tools that can be used on Marvel Strike Force. However, methods using tools and tutorials may keep working through multiple updates, not requiring you to change much about your game cheating process at all once a patch for MSF drops.

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MSF Mods & Mod Menus

The use of hacked or modded game clients is the go-to method of game hacking for many Android and iOS mobile gamers and that also includes Marvel Strike Force: Mods are quite easy to download and install, only requiring you to download an Android APK or iOS IPA file, in some cases changing some system files, then installing and playing the app. The cheats or game hack features are hardcoded or ‘modded’ into the game itself using this method, meaning all you have to do is play the modded version of the Strike Force app in order to activate cheating options. However, the significant downside of using mods is that they need to be updated with every mainline update that the game receives, leaving you having to wait until a game mod is updated in order to use it again.

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Strike Force Cheats

The most popular way of cheating in Marvel Strike Force is the use of so called ‘modded cleints’, which are modified or hacked versions of the original Marvel Strike Force APK / IPA game file. These hacks are made by decompiling, editing and recompiling the original game, finding the functionality of code through reverse-engineering and analysis. Modded APK and IPA files for Android / iOS are the easiest way to cheat in Marvel Strike Force, since all you have to do is find a mod, download it off of the internet and install it, at which point you can simply play the game with mods enabled. Previously available mods included hacks, such as: Unlimite Energy, No Cooldowns on abilities, enemies only use basic attacks.

Important to keep in mind when downloading Marvel Strike Force Hacks is that these files get outdated whenever the game gets updated, so finding an up to date file is essential.

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Game Hacking Tools

There are tools for both Andorid and iOS that allow you to modify game memory in order to create your own hacks for any particular game. These tools are called memory editors and can be used to scan any app or game for values, such as your gold, shards, power cores, character shards, materials, energy, character orbs and so on. The tools we currently recommend can be found at the links below. However, you may want to check out our tutorial on how to hack games before giving it a shot. The best thing about being able to hack games yourself is that you do not rely on someone else to give you files, if none are available. You may also be able to find specific video tutorials on how to hack Marvel Strike Force.

You can find the best Android game modding tools here. Those for iOS you can get here.

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Marvel Strike Force Bots

Bots, macros, scripts or automated farming apps are software that can allow you to automatically play the game either through using a complete bot or creating your own using macro software to farm campaign missions, blitz, raids, arena and events for rewards, free power cores, gold and so on. This can allow you to slowly but surely level up all your characters and heroes to 7 stars, craft legendary gear for everyone, get premium orbs for free, get power cores over time and generally get more power in Marvel Strike Force. Grinding character shards can be especially painful and that is really where bots shine the most, because they are able to continually spend your energy 24/7 forever, until you stop the bot or macro from playing the game. This is the closest you will come to a money cheat or god mode in this particular game.

Unlimited Free Power Cores and Gold Tools and Generators

All generators for Marvel Strike Force are fake and will never work. There is no way besides spending money to instantly get ‘free’ power cores, gold, hero / character unlocks, materials and so on. – The reason why this is the case is because Marvel Strike Force is an online game that uses server-side processing for all the important data about your account. Anyone claiming to offer these impossible features such as generating or hacking free Power Cores in MSF is trying to scam you. –The closest cheat to actually getting unlimited free Power Cores are bots that can automatically farm the arena, campaign, raids and events for you, netting you free Cores every day over time. Besides setting up a bot however, there is no method besides micro transactions to get unlimited free money in Strike Force using any cheating software, tool or methods.

Exploits & Glitches

Bugs in the game can make it possible to break the game and gain unfair advantages at different times. – While none of these bugs are usually permanent, they can enable cheats that would otherwise be impossible in Marvel Strike Force, such as unlimited free gold, power cores, shards, free summons and free in-app purchases ect. And the greatest thing about exploits is that generally they will require no root and no jailbrake, making them extremely accessible to new cheaters. So overally, while they only exist until the developers decide to hotfix the bugs, they are arguably the best cheat out there for MSF by far and it is well worth it to keep an eye on the game hacking forums covering Marvel Strike Force to catch them while they are active and undetected / unpatched.

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