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Are there any Cheats for MapleStory 2?
Yes, it is indeed possible to cheat in MapleStory 2 through the usage of Tools, such as bots to automatically farm the game, hacks to modify the game client, mods, exploits and other means. However, since this is an online game it is sadly not possible to get MapleStory Hacks, such as unlimited NX or Merets, free Premium Club, item and gear hacks, XP hacks ect. All your game account data is stored on the Nexon servers and cannot be modified by any means except playing the game.


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MapleStory 2 Bots

Since hacks for unlimited merets, meso, items and Xp is impossible, the primary way people use to cheat in MS2 is automated farming bots. A bot is a program / software that is able to automatically perform tasks in game, such as farming mobs, completing dungeons, completing dailies,  questing, farming merets and money, selling items, buying and selling on the black market and a lot more. Bots can be used to automatically level up your characters or to fasrm specific items and resources. While a MapleStory 2 bot is not an unlimited money cheat, it can farm unlimited amounts of money over time. In essence.

The downside of bots is that in general they are not very intelligent and work best with easy-to-play classes, such as knights, berserkers or priests. Bots also suck at PvP, but are good for fishing and other simple tasks. You should also consider making multiple alt characters so you can grind dailies multiple times every day for more money, items, rewards ect.


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MapleStory 2 Hacks

Hacks are tools and mods that modify the way the MapleStory 2 game client works on your windows PC. While MapleStory 2 Hacks are able to achieve client-sided hacks, such as speedhacks, skins and cosmetics that you see, teleporting, jump hacks and so on may be possible. However, hacks in MapleStory 2 are sadly unable to get you free Premium Club, unlimited health / God Mode, Unlimited Merets and NX and money ect. All these values are vital account data and are stored on the game servers where it sadly cannot be modified or hacked using any tools or cheat engines / memory editors. Trying to change such values, such as merets or money using memory editing tools may result in an instant permaban, so it is not recommended that you try this.

In general, using these kinds of tools in MS2 is not recommended, since code injection is a lot easier to detect than the use of automated playing tools, such as farming bots. On top of that the gains you make using any kind of hack are not enough to justify the risk of getting your account/accounts banned from the game.


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Other Cheats for MapleStory 2

Besides the use or MS2 Bots and MapleStory 2 Hack Software, there are also other cheating methods: Exploits are a less-known, but potentially the most potent and powerful cheat available in the game. Exploits are bugs in the game that can be used or ‘exploited’ to gain an edge in the game. The most powerful exploits possible are item duplication exploits, unlimited money bugs through bugged trading prices, loot caves where one can farm unlimited money and XP easily using scripts and so on. Exploits for MapleStory 2 are generally very temporary and short-lives, as they are usually patched within days of becoming public knowledge. Nexon does not like exploits and usually bans people that used them knowingly to gain an advantage.

Scripts are also a way of ‘cheating’ without cheating. Scripts can automatically use ability combos, heal you, use items and perform other action and can be bound to any key or button on your mouse/keyboard. A macro or script is essentially a mini bot for MS2 that automatically uses keystrokes. While you can get banned for using AHK or other macros in MapleStory 2, it is almost impossible to detect and very powerful in PvP and PvE alike on all classes. Fishing bots  / scripts are a good example for this cheat.


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