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Is it possible to cheat in Game of Sultans?
Yes, cheating is possible in Game of Sultans on both Android and iOS devices using mods, hacked clients, hacks, automated playing bots and other game cheating apps that can be downloaded for free online. However, hacks for free Diamonds, chests, prestige, wives, VIP levels ect are sadly not possible, since this is an online mobile game and your game data is stored safely on the Mechanist game servers.


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Game of Sultans Mods & Hacks

Modified game versions of Game of Sultans that include cheats are commonly called mods or hacks. They are modded game files that can be downloaded and installed on your Android or iOS phone/tablet in order to get a version of Game of Sultans that has hacks already integrated into the game usually in the form of mod menus where you can turn on and off cheats in a custom menu. While you may expect very overpowered stuff like unlimited diamonds, XP, free cheats, VIP cheats, resources, such as grain, gold and soldiers, these mod menus usually contain automation and speed mods to make playing the game easier and not the extremely powerful mods you are looking to download.

You can find mod menus, mod APKs and iOS mods for Game of Sultans using our Download method for game cheats. You can also try to make your own cheats using Android tools and iOS game hacking apps. Be very careful when downloading free mods off of the internet. There are a lot of illegitimate downloads out there, so you need to always watch the comments and the site you are downloading any files from before installing apps and modded game clients for Game of Sultans.


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Bots for Game of Sultans

While it can be extremely challenging to find legitimate and undetected mods, anyone can set up a bot to automatically farm Game of Sultans. Bots are a form of cheat where you use your phone, tablet or computer (emulator) to automatically play the game of certain aspects and farming procedures for you automatically without you having to devote any amount of time or attention to the game.

The recommended way to set up a bot is to use a PC combined with an emulator to then use mouse and keyboard macros to play back user input. This way it is possible to automatically farm quests, union wars, complete research, level up viziers, level up your harem, throw feasts, handle imperial affairs, redeem daily rewards and chests, send viziers to the academy, combine items and a lot more. – Automation or the use of bot software is probably the most potent cheat available for Game of Sultans, even if scripts are generally not as well-known as mod menus. You can find a tutorial on how to set up your own bot here.


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Unlimited Diamonds and VIP level Cheats
As already mentioned, it is sadly impossible to get account data cheats in Game of Sultans: These cheats include unlimited diamonds, VIP level hacks, damage hacks, infinite gold, grain and soldiers, item cheats, wife / harem cheats, unlimited XP and prestige ect.

In order to gain all these benefits, you will have to actually play Game of Sultans. You have to play the game either yourself, on Android or iOS or you play it automatically through a macro on PC, but you have to play. – This is because GoS is an online game and all your account data is stored on online servers that cannot be hacked or manipulated in any way. There are ways to gain an advantage, but no ways to directly edit your money, diamonds, gems ect. Free diamond generators do not exist. Do not be fooled. If something sounds too good to be true, do not download or install it.



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