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Are there Cheats for Era of Celestials?
Yes, there are certainly ways to gain an advantage using hacks, tools and other means of exploiting the game on both Android and iOS devices. While there are certainly legitimate and working Era of Celestials Mod Menus and Hacks available for download, there are no hacks for unlimited diamonds, infinite rubies or gold / money cheats or VIP level hacks. – Era of Celestials is a online mobile game and all of your relevant player data is stored online of the GTarcade servers that cannot be hacked at all.


Era of Celestials Mods & Hacks

Mods for Era of Celestials are game files that can be downloaded and installed on Anroid or iOS. These game files come with hacks or cheating options, very much like a game trainer, already included in the game. All one has to do after downloading a modded version of the game is to open the mod menu, activate hacks and play the game. – However, finding legitimate downloads that are actually working with the current game build of Era of Celestials is a rather daunting task, since any hack needs updates with every single updated build of the actual game.

While mod menus can include powerful hacks, it is sadly impossible to hack diamonds, gold, rubies, items, divine equipment, VIP level, battle rating, damage and levels using any hack, mod, generator or tools. – This is because all of the above-mentioned stats and game account data is stored safely of the online servers of Era of Celestials. These game servers cannot be hacked or modded by any means, unless you create your own private game and private game servers. Find mods this way.

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Era of Celestials Bots for Gold, Rubies and Diamonds

The only way to get free rubies, free diamonds and items / XP is to actually play the game. However, a bot or ‘robot’ is a program or app that can play the game for you automatically. So in a very real way you are able to gain unlimited rubies, money and gear in Era of Celestials using simple bot apps, macros and scripts. – A bot will automatically perform simple farming and grinding tasks for you in the game and since Era of Celestials has a auto play function, bots are extremely effective at farming this game for anything you want to get and potentially for free, depending on what macro or bot you use.

Bots are able to farm events, world bosses, mobs, they can level you up, grind for crafting resources, buy and sell items on the market, automatically farm the arena, redeem rewards for daily quests and redeem free stuiff whenever it is available. Bots are usually set up through an emulator and you can find a tutorial on how to set up your own EoC farming bot here.

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Exploits in Era of Celestials and Creating your own Mods

Since Era of Celestials is a mmo role playing game, exploits are a thing that will allow you to gain a huge advantage once in a while. An exploit is in essence a bug in the game that allows you to get something easier than usual. Dupe exploits allow you to duplicate items, then sell them for diamonds or use them for crafting. XP exploits allow you to farm XP extremely quickly. Bugged quests and rewards can even allow you to get unlimited rubies, Gold, items ect. – However, such bugs are usually patched and gone quite quickly after being discovered.

If you are unable to find working mods for Era of Celestials to download, then you may want to try and create your own cheating apps using some game hacking apps for Android or iOS. – It is however highly recommended that one uses an alternate account when connecting any game hacking software to any game. You do not want your main game account to get banned for cheating.

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