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Are there Cheats for Command & Conquer Rivals on mobile?
Yes, indeed there are cheats in the form of mods, hacks, game hacking tools, bots and scripts that will make playing the game easier, make farming free Diamonds and Coins faster in Command & Conquer Rivals and also will be able to give you huge advantages in the PvP matches in C&C Rivals as well. However, since this is an online mobile strategy game, there is sadly no way to get a Command & Conquer Hack for unlimited cdiamonds, gold / coins, unlimited crystals or god mode. Your savegame data is stored on the Electronic Arts game servers and cannot be hacked using any tools.


Command & Conquer Rivals Hack

As in most mobile games, Command & Conquer Rivals cheats usually come in the form of either a modded game app or a script that can be run through a memory editor. On Android these cheats are called modded APKs and on iOS usually these cheats come as Mod Apps downloaded through a modded appstore. Most of these Command and Conquer Hacks can simply be downloaded and installed instead of the original game and will essentially enable cheating options right after you install and start the game. Some mods will give you a trainer menu that allows you to toggle individual scripts and advanced scripts from apps like HackerBot APK may present you with a whole variety of cheats to enable at your leisure. If you are looking to download working Command & Conquer Rivals mods, then we highly recommend using this technique in order to download working, undetected and clean files and keep your Android / iOS device and game account safe in the process.

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Bots for Command & Conquer Rivals

Playing strategy games on a touchpad is hard, using an emulator to be able to use faster controls may help with that a bit, but noting is better at playing strategy games than a bot. A bot or ‘robot’ is an app or software program that is able to play games for you. A good Command & Conquer Rivals Bot will not only be able to play the game for you and farm essentially unlimited Diamonds, Coins, free Card packs, free crates for you over time, but may even be able to progress you through the ranked ladder.

While a human player is limited in many ways including only being able to micro one single unit at a time, a bot does not necessarily have to worry about that kind of problem, since it can simply issue commands on a software level, allowing it to micro all units at once. Potentially a well-programmed C6C Rivals Bot could very well farm for you, rank up all of your cards to max, get you the best epic / legendary units and even get you into maybe even the Diamond, Platinum and Master League. It is unlikely that a bot will be able to rank you to Tiberium, since bots may have perfect micro, but their macro and creative thinking is essentially inexistent.  A bot will usually play one single strategy and one single win condition, such as a Titan Rush deck, but it will do so very, very well. Bots are also incredibly good at countering enemy units air / infantry / vehicles / anti-vehicle / heavy tank ect which makes them extremely overpowered as well. Bots can also participate in C&C Rivals Alliance activities automatically.

cc rivals hack

Command & Conquer Rivals Mods and Mod Menus

A mod or modded game for Android / iOS is basically the original game file (apk or ipa file) that was deconstructed, modified to implement cheats and then recompiled and offered for download. With other words: A Command & Conquer Mod is the original game that can be downloaded, installed and played just like the normal game, but it has cheats. These cheats are very often activated through a Mod Menu, a togglable options menu that allows the user to activate certain cheats or deactivate them whenever they please. Possible cheats for Command & Conquer Rivals may include: speedhacks, no fog of war / see the whole map, unlimited crystals, faster unit movement speed, unit level hacks, damage hacks and more cheating options that may or may not be possible depending on the platform you play on, the game update ect.

Overall, mods and mod menus for C&C Rivals are extremely popular ways of cheating, since they are exceedingly easy to use, easy to install, usually offer powerful hacks and are sometimes even available for free download online. If you do not know where to look for working Command & Conquer Cheats and mods, then use our free Finder Tool to find working downloads.

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Game Hacking Tools for C&C Rivals

If you are having no success in finding working hacks to use in Command & Conquer Rivals because they are outdated or for the wrong mobile device, then you may want to consider looking for game hacking tutorials instead. A whole bunch of powerful game cheating tools for Android and iOS can allow players to actually create their own cheats. You can find  tutorials through the same tools we provide to find hacks. The good things about game hacking tools and the techniques they use to hack Command & Conquer Rivals is that these techniques usually don’t get patched for several if not many updates of the game. While normal mods need to be updated with every new build of C&C Rivals, modding tutorials often keep working for months.

However, please always use any of these tools on a second account first and ideally on an emulator or second device. The last thing you want is to experiment around with your main Rivals account that you spend a lot of time and money on. EA is known to ban cheaters from their games with joy, so do not mess with them. Always test on an second account, before moving on to your main Command & Conquer game account.

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