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Are there any Cheats for Auto Chess?
Yes, there is a variety of tracking tools, hacks, bots, scripts, mods, mod menus and similar cheats that can be used both in the mobile version of Auto Chess and also in the PC version of the game. Most cheats will focus on giving you information on the global chess piece pool / unit pool, automatically playing for you, and on rare occasions damage / mana, god mode or ability hacks may be possible on some platforms temporarily.

Auto Chess Hack

Hacks are a great and extremely prolific way of cheating in Auto Chess both on mobile (iOS / Android), consoles and PC alike. Hacks can be used to great effect to ged advanced information about the game, such as what units are in high demand in any round of auto chess, allowing you to make better decisions on what chess pieces / unit composition to build towards. Other powerful hacks can also be used to implement tier list information into the game, allowing you to quickly see what units you are offered are the strongest individually, making decisions as to what units to buy a lot easier and quicker. Depending on what cheats are possible to use at any kind Auto Chess Hacks may also be able to give your units quicker mana / ultimate generation, speedhacks, cooldown hacks, damage hacks, stat hacks and similar extremely overpowered options may be possible depending on what information is processed on the game client, the platform you are playing on, the game build and version and other factors.

Overall, Auto Chess mods, hacks and cheating tools are immensely useful, especially if you are not 100% familiar with all the units, their abilities, their synergies and so on and will give you huge advantages quickly, allowing you to win auto chess matches with ease and rise your MMR rank to kind, queen and beyond. To find working hacks, use this Tool.

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Bots for Auto Chess

While Auto Chess is one of those games that does not strictly benefit that much from automated play software, such as farming bots, aside from automatically farming unlimited Candies and Donuts for free skins, scripts and automation macros can still be used to great effect. – Intelligent scripts are able to quickly correct your unit positioning, quickly equip items to the unit that benefits the most, quickly upgrade and swap out units and so on. The main benefit of using bots in Auto Chess is to save time. The time you save can then be used to analyze the state of the game, the global unit pool, rethink your build and so on, giving you a significant advantage over other players.

However, the data required to make an effective bot is quite immense, as the AI needs to know all the stats that units have, all the stats that items improve, what units are best, what units work well together and so on. However, a bot that does have these features will be able to farm almost unlimited candies and donuts for free goodies from the shop and will usually place pretty well in public matches. – However it is very unlikely that bots will ever be able to compete in raked matchmaking. To learn how to create your own bot for mobile or PC, check out this tutorial.

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Auto Chess Mods and Mod Menus for Mobile

Mods are by far the best kind of cheat available for Auto Chess on mobile devices running Android or iOS. A modded game app for Auto Chess is a version of the game that has been heavily modified by decompiling, changing and recompiling the original APK / IPA files to create a nice and compact hacked version of the game that can be easily downloaded, installed and run by any user without much experience or knowledge required. Advanced mods will also come with integrated cheat or trainer menus called Auto Chess mod menus which will allow the user of such a mod to enable and disable individual cheats and may even allow for in-depth configuration, customization and automated updates in some cases, making the search for new updated and working versions of Auto Chess mods unnecessary.

Overall, mods are the best download you can look for when trying to cheat in Auto Chess on Android or iOS systems and some of these mods are even available for download for free online. If you are looking to find working Auto Chess mods, then check out this tool and check back often to find the latest downloads.

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Game Hacking Tools for Auto Chess

Sometimes finding a good quality and working hack for Auto Chess can be difficult, especially if the game was just updated and you cannot find a mod or hack for the version of the game you are trying to play on. Great Game Hacking Tools can allow you to try and hack games on your Windows, Android or iOS device manually. Usually this is done by downloading a cheating tool for the platform you are on and then following tutorials that one might find on YouTube or trusted game hacking websites. – However it is important that if you are going to try and install any tools and experiment with techniques to create your own cheats, you create a 2nd account to experiment on before trying of it on your main Auto Chess account. Dragonest, the developers of the game, are experienced with dealing with cheaters and hackers, so being careful will allow you to avoid the much dreaded ban hammer.

You can find the best game hacking tools for PC here, Android here and iOS here. If you are trying to use tools on Android or iOS, it is recommended to use an emulator that allows for enabling root functionality before downloading and installing anything on your physical device.

Unlimited Candy, Infinite Donuts, Free Skins and God Modes

Auto Chess is an online multiplayer strategy game, which means that your account and all important data is stored online on the Dragonest Game servers. Now while it would certainly be nice to get insanely awesome Auto Chess hacks like unlimited free Cany, Donuts, Unlimited free Skins, free season pass, unlimited Gold, Chess Pieces, level 10, level 3 units, unlimited mana,  and all the legendary skins and items, sadly this is impossible due the exactly the fact that this is an online game. Now many people will claim that there are generators and tools that allow you to get unlimited money and skins, but sadly those are all Human Verification Survey scams and are only trying to get you to fill in their surveys by any means and claims necessary and are 100% fake.

The best way to actually get unlimited candy is to get some good tracking tools, mods and hacks and try finishing in the top 3 as often as possible in public or ranked matches.



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