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An Apex Legends Mobile Hack is any tool, software, app, modification, aiming tool or other means and techniques of gaining unfair advantages in the game, get more free Syndicate Gold (money), banners, apex packs, skins and other goodies more quickly, win more rounds, survive longer and get more kills on both Android and iOS with no root an no jailbrake required. – While many working game hacks exist, all generators and online tools for unlimited Syndicate Gold (gems), banners, free in-game purchases and money hacks are always fake and , as they simply do not exist.

apex legends mobile game hack

Apex Legends Mobile Hack

Modifying game data and memory to gain advantages using Mods and tools is commonly referred to as game hacking: Using this method it is possible to implement powerful cheats, such as Aimbots, wallhacks (ESP) and other powerful features using software such as Mod and memory editing tools. Any legitimate hack for Apex Legends Mobile will require you to download and install files to your mobile Android or iOS gaming device, all generators and online website hacks are always fake. – Learn more about game hacks here.

apex legends mobile game cheat


The most popular method of gaining unfair advantage in Apex Legends Mobile and any mobile game for that matter, mods are modified versions of the original APK or iOS that have been decompiled, modified by professional programmers to include cheating options and features, then recompiled into an installable version of the game that can easily be downloaded, installed and played with modded features available right out of the box. – Learn more about game modding here.

Mod Menus are premium mods with more features, faster updates, better support, easier installation and many other advanced features, created by the best programmers in the industry and will seldom be available for free download.

apex legends mobile wallhack

Generators & Online Tools

All online generators, tools and online website hacks are always fake and will never work. – This is because Apex Legends Mobile is an online game, which means that most vital data, such as your unlocked skins, game currencies, such as syndicate gold, banners flux are all stored on the online game servers, PCs belonging to the game developers that you cannot Mod or hack using any means. Cheating in video games simply has never been done through online websites and never will be done through online tools. Legitimate cheating software will always require a download, which does not mean that all downloads are legit, in fact they are not. No offers of tools for unlimited syndicate gold, free premium plus, Unlimited Money, gems and banners in Apex Legends Mobile exist, despite how awesome the possibility would be. – Learn more about fake generators.

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Auto aiming software is a kind of game hack that automatically finds enemy players and aims your weapon, is able to shoot and even predict target movements for better hit rate, more kills, longer survival, more loot and easier wins in this battle royale game. While the Aimbot is undoubtedly the most powerful cheating app available for Apex legends by far, using it comes with a lot of risks of getting reported and subsequently banned, unless one respects  ones  fellow players and only uses the tool when absolutely necessary to remedy an unfair situation. – Learn more about aimbots here.

apex legends mobile aimbot

Wallhack / ESP

Just like the auto aiming bot, the extrasensory perception hack, more commonly referred to as ‘wallhack’, scans the map for enemies, items, vehicles, loot and other important objects in order to display that information to the player in real time, allowing them to see through walls, get better loot, survive longer, hide from enemies, find enemies, get easier kills, better loot, find cargo bots, rare and legendary items, vehicles and overall gain a huge advantage.- Overall, a highly effective method of gaining unfair advantages in Apex Legends Mobile and more fun than auto aim as well. – Learn more about wallhacks here.

apex legends mobile mod menu


While under usual circumstances unlimited free gold (syndicate gold / gems), free banners, premium plus, unlocking skins, god modes and similar overpowered cheats are impossible due to server-side processing, bugs in the game code, can make these features possible for a limited time. While Exploits are no doubt the most powerful cheat possible in Apex Legends Mobile, these bugs that allow for such exploiting or ‘breaking’ of the game are exceeding rare and temporary, as the developers of the game will fix them as soon as they are discovered and potentially reroll and dduplicated items and cheated currencies acquired by players using it. – Learn more about exploiting video games.


Reaction time is vital in any competitive online multiplayer shooter or battle royale game, as you are competing with many other players and teams: Scripts are mini-bots that are able to automate vital actions, such as healing, recharging shields, using items, team communication, looting,

EA, Battle Royale, unlock legends, legends have abilities, aggressive, support, tank, flag to respawn beacon, jump sliding corners, ADSing, using grenades and throwables, using your knock-shield ect. Scripts are usually used by extremely competitive players looking for every small edge they can get to stay alive longer and win gunfights in Apex Legends Mobile. – Learn more about scripts and macros in online gaming.

Game Hacking Tools

The most challenging to use of all the means of game cheating, but also the most consistent, the techniques used in memory editing and game modding using tools like  GameGuardian for Android and GameGem for iOS respectively will usually keep working throughout multiple patches, hotfixes and updates, while mods for example will always be outdated immediately with the arrival of a new version of the game app. – However, the process of using these tools is complex and will require users to follow tutorials and guides carefully to succeed. – Learn more about memory editing.

Mod Money / Unlimited Money / Unlimited Everything

Just the same as for Generators, money mods and cheating features such as unlimited money, unlimited syndicate gold, free in-game purchases and other such mod features are impossible as well. – Any such mods offered for download by APK modding sites and other file download websites are Scams. We recommend staying far away from any sites offering such files advertised with impossible features, as they may infect your device with Malware.



While most software you will find out there on the internet when looking to cheat in Apex Legends Mobile will not work, legitimate apps from trusted providers with proven track-records do exist and can be found using our HackFinder tool. – The most easily accessible stuff will be Apk Mods for Android, as it is the most well-suited OS for app development and mods for iOS do exist as well, but are harder to come by in general. Mod menus including ESPs and Aimbots will generally be premium features, but can sometimes be found for free to download as well. It pays to use cheats with respect for other Aplex Legends players to avoid any manual reports and account bans.