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Are there any cheats for CoD Black Ops 4?
Yes, both on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC it is indeed possible to cheat using tools, such as Aimbots, wallhacks, radar, ESP, macros and bots to gain an andvantage over other players in normal multiplayer or blackout. However, since this in an online shooter, it is not possible to get Black Ops 4 hacks for Call of Duty Points, camo unlocks, all challenges ect.

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Aimbots for Black Ops 4

As in other CoD games, the Aimbot is back and as overpowered as it ever was. Aimbots for CoD Black Ops 4 will automatically aim and shoot (triggerbot) enemies in line of sight if you hold down the aimbot button / key that the aimbot is programmed to respond to. Aimbots can be configured to only auto aim, aim for headshots, bodyshots, limb shots or any shots, they can be set to aim slowly, silently (silent aim without movement) or instantly, they can be set to aim only in front of you or anywhere around you. You can chose to shoot manually or set the aimbot to shoot automatically after taking aim successfully. Black Ops 4 Aimbots can also calculate target trajectory / movement, projectile and bullet drop and thus lead targets and hit moving targets even if the projectile has travel speed / bullet drop, such as is the case with grenade launchers, certain guns and grenades.

The downside of using aimbots in Call of Duty is that other players can easily tell that you are cheating if you are using instant aim and they see your killcam. Therefore it pays to use premium software that can hide janky aim movement and stay undetected for longer. Black Ops 4 Aimbots you download for free can also get outdated and banned extremely quickly.


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Call of Duty BO4 Wallhacks, ESP and Radar Hacks

Both wall hacks and radar hacks are a subcategory of the Extrasensory Perception Cheat or VAC (Visual Assistance Cheat). ESP Cheats are used in Black Ops 4 to get more information about the map, the enemy players, their location, their loadout and which way they are moving, making it extremely easy for the cheater to get easy kills on them.

Wallhacks are essentially the Recon Vision Pulse ability, but permanent, allowing you to see enemies and friendlies through walls using colored boxes. Radar hacks are like having unlimited UAV, giving you a minimap that highlights every players position on the map. Both these cheats are incredibly powerful and extremely hard to detect, allowing you to safely grind for those signature weapons, prestige and other unlocks while not having to work as hard for it. Of course a BO4 Aimbot will outperform a Wallhack, but what it lacks in deadliness it has in lower report rate. Unless you spend all game looking at walls or prefiring / preaiming corners over and over, barely anyone will report you when using this hack. Still it is recommended that you do not use free downloads, since they will get detected quickly. Treyarch are known for not having any mercy on Call of Duty Hackers.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Hacks for Blackout

The same cheats that can be used in the normal multiplayer shooter mode of Black Ops 4 can also be used in the Blackout battle royale mode of the game. Aimbots can be used in Blackout and so can Wallhacks to show you item locations, lootable containers, dead players, mines, grenades, supply drops, vehicles and other relevant game objects. In this game mode it can be arguaed that the Black out Wallhack is a lot more effective and powerful than even an auto aim, since finding the best loot, finding medkits, trauma kits, armor, perks, attachments and ammo is extremely important here. – Arguably it is more important to get geared in this game mode than being able to aim perfectly.

Again, using any hack or cheat carefully and with respect for the players you are playing the match with pays in Blackout as well as in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 in general. Don’t abuse cheating software, use it to progress faster without annoying anyone. The best ‘hacker’ is the hacker no one suspects that simply uses cheats to have to put less effort into playing instead of outperforming everyone. In the end it will be better for the account you use to play the game and better for everyone else as well.

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Scripts and Macros in Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Human players are extremely slow compared to a computer and that goes for any platform: PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We take time to realize that we need to use our healing ability and to press the button / key to heal, but a computer / console can instantly realize the need for healing or the need for croutching, bunny hopping ect and trigger the command automatically. Script and Macros are used for this exact purpose: To minimize reaction time that human players have by using small bots to automatically trigger healing, shooting a gun or using healing items ect in Blackout. – While this is a very advanced cheating method for CoDBO4, it is one that a lot of professional players use to augment their already excellent reaction times.

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Black Ops 4 Hacks: Xbox One vs. PS4 vs. PC
Is it possible to cheat on every gaming platform? Which one is the best for hacking Black Ops 4? – While it is possible to cheat on any platform, it is certainly easiest on PC / Mac, since you are the administrator of your box and can do with it what you want and run any software you want whenever you want. – The same can sadly not be said about gaming consoles, such as the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One that require a hacked box in order to execute custom scripts and software or even inject hacks into Call of Duty Black Ops 4. So the kinds of cheats you may find on PS4 and Xbox One may usually be hacked lobbies that get rented out and can include cheats like unlimited health / god mode, invisibility, max prestige, all unlocks, all skins, all camos, all weapons, damage hacks and more.  – However, these are only possible if someone manages to actually hack the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 console and create a modded lobby, which may or may not happen. Besides that packet editing can also potentially open the door to PS4 and Xbox One aimbots for CoD Black Ops 4.

However, if you want to make 100% sure that you will find free or paid working hacks for CODBO4, then you will probably want to start up your Windows PC, as it has the biggest and most active game hacking communities and the easiest access to cheats free otherwise to download online.

Are there Hacks for Call of Duty Ponts / God Mode / Unlocks ect?
If you are looking to download any kind of hack or Generator or tool that will give you unlimited Call of Duty Points, Infinite Health / God Mode, a tool that will unlock all skins and guns, generate you max prestige or complete all challenges for you, then I will have to disappoint you.

Any of these cheats is 100% impossible, since Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is an online shooter, which means that all your game account data is stored on the Treyarch / Activision servers that cannot be hacked or tampered with in any way. Any tool that you will find is probably trying to get you to fill in surveys and is not legit / real in any way. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is not true, especially when it comes to game cheats. No legitimate game cheat software will ever demand you to fill in any human verification or survey. No surveys. No human verification are ever real tools.

Where do I download working Black Ops 4 Hacks?
You can use our FreeFinder tool to find free cheats for BO4 on legitimate websites, but please do follow our Download guidelines before installing any of these files on any of your devices. You can also use our ProFinder to find private hacks and paid cheats that will be much less likely to get detected, stay working longer and will usually be undetectable. We do recommend that you only use free Mods and software on account you can afford to lose, since the detection rate is usually 100%, which means free cheats will get detected sooner or later.

You can find a tutorial on how to use our tools for finding working and undetected cheats for Black Ops 4 and other shooters and online games right here. – Please follow the guidelines before downloading any files whatsoever.