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This Search Engine for Paid Hacks, Bots and other Cheating Software has to be unlocked. FreeFinder for Free Cheats does not require unlock.


Important Disclaimer: is not associated with any of the sites featured in this search engine. We also do not guarantee that these providers are 100% undetected or 100% legitimate. Please leave Cheat Provider Reviews in order to help us improve this search.


How to use paid Hacks safely

  • Respect other players! They will report you if you abuse hacks and you will deserve it!
  • Use a VPN to change your IP for plausible deniability when using hacks. (better unban chance)
  • Only use PayPal or Credit Cards to pay for hacks, so you can open disputes if necessary.
  • Take hack developers by their word. Insist on quality.
  • Don’t use hacks, not even premium ones, on accounts you cannot afford to lose.


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