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First Person Shooter (FPS) Aimbots / Autoaim Software
In Short:
Aimbots (or Aim Bots) are programs that either aim for you or aim and shoot for you in a Shooter, Online FPS or other game that uses aiming mechanics. They are considered a client-side hack, since most aimbots are code that is injected into the game client. Aim bots are exclusively used in multiplayer online games.




How Aimbots Work
Aimbots are based on a fundamental flaw in online shooters: Since your computer has to display the gameplay to you, it needs to render the whole map and every player in it. After all every FS has long-range weapons that need to work as well, so the whole map needs to be rendered at least partially. Now the rendered objects also include enemy players, allowing us to find them and aim at them. This is mostly done through character model components that can easily be located, such as heads, torsos ect. How long will aimbots continue to work? Well as long as the game is rendered client-side this will continue working. And the technology to process graphics server-side is still multiple decades in the future. In addition to that graphics are getting better too, prolonging the process even more. We do not expect that aimbots will stop working in the next 30 years. – However there are other ways to prevent their use to a certain extent.


fps aimbots 3

Are Aimbots Detectable / Bannable?
Yes the use of aimbots is detectable, if you are using software that is out of date and that will get your account banned in most cases. However, the anti-cheat software needs to know the exact code you are using and if you are using paid hacks and pay developers to keep your hack undetected, you will pretty much never run into problems, unless you are using the hack irresponsibly. Newer anti-cheat software will also analyze your player statistics, which is why we here at HackerBot recommend that you use aimbots carefully in order to not only minimize the risk or reports and not hurt the game, but also to not get detected by server-side anti-cheat. If your aimbot gives you options to se aiming speed and shooting delay, please use it to keep a low profile. Being good is ok, being at the top is ok, but dominating a whole server and annoying people is bad.


The Usual Features of an Aim Bot
A paid aimbot of decent quality will usually include the following features: Setting the bot to either just aim or aim and shoot, Limiting the aim speed, Limiting the distance from crosshair for the autoaim, Setting a delay between aiming and shooting, Aiming at closer/farther targets first, correcting for bullet drop, correcting for ping, correcting for movement. Some aimbots offer even more customization options, but this is probably what you can expect from software that is of decent quality. Shooting through walls for example is something that only very few aimbots offer, since it is very obvious cheating and therefore really hurts the longevity of a hack. Most aimbots auto aim at targets with line of sight and through most bushes, but not walls or other massive objects. Most good aimbots also allow you to configure where you want to shoot enemies. Obviously the head is what you do not always want to go for, since again: Its obvious cheating.


fps aimbots 2

How Not to Get Banned when Using Aimbots
This depends a lot on exactly what kind of cheating software you are using and what anti-cheat the game you are playing uses. Generally however, these are the most important things to look out for: Don’t shoot through walls to kill. Don’t try to dominate a server. Try to not be the best on a server by much. Keep your accuracy rating low. Limit your aiming speed and set a delay before shooting. Don not go for headshots only. If there is a killcam, let no one see that you are aimbotting. Using this kind of cheat correctly is really challenging and will get harder as anti-cheats get more sophisticated, but that is something you will have to deal with, if you want to cheat is online shooters. There is simply no way around it. – Especially, as longs as some of you aimbot users keep abusing the cheat to dominate games.


Why there are not all that many Free Aimbots
This is answered quite easily: Aimbots need to be updated every time the game gets an update or the code is blacklisted by anti-cheat. If a hack is public, usually there will be a lot of people using it and using it without care, since its free and they have no reason to respect any investment they made. – This leads to the hack being detected and banned quickly. If you also consider that the developer is providing the product for free and does not get paid to keep it up to date, then you will understand why finding working free aimbots for any shooter is really hard. Generally, we recommend that you subscribe to a paid hack, since that way you do not risk your account and are able to use the cheat reliably. However, if you really don not want to pay, then you will have to take the risk. But don’t come to our forum to cry about your account getting banned. Free hacks are used by lots of people and will usually be banned quite soon.




Is it possible to cheat in Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer?
Yes indeed it is possible. There are aimbots that allow you to automatically aim and shoot guns for easy kills. There are wallhacks that make enemies visible through walls and there may even be some advanced hacks like invisibility, teleporting ect. However, there are no god modes, no ammo hacks or energy hacks of any kind, since Halo 5 has dedicated servers and modded / hacked lobbies are impossible. There are no unlimited credits hacks and no modification unlockers of any kind.

Is it legal and will I get banned for it?
Cheating in games is legal and always has been. However, 343 Industries and Microsoft have the right to ban anyone from their games. So it is recommended that if you hack your console or use any kind of packet editing, you use software that is up to date and undetected.

How much do Halo 5 hacks and aimbots cost?
It really depends on the service you use. Hack can cost you anywhere between 5$ and 500$, depending on the provider, the rarity of the hack and how many other people are using it. That is generally the way it works for consoles, including the Xbox One.



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What are the most popular Halo 5 Multiplayer cheats?
The favorites are almost the same for both the arena 4v4 modes and the 24 player warzones: In arena we do expect the return of hacked / modded lobbies and some very powerful hacks like invisibility, god modes, unlimited ammo ect. However, in the 24 player warzones that are based on dedicated servers, there are not any hacked lobbies, but there are still aimbots that automatically aim and shoot your guns, wallhacks that show you enemies through walls and the usual no recoil hacks, speedhacks ect. These hacks are achieved by modding lobbies in arenas and packed editing, hacking the console in warzones. Aimbots do also work for vehicles and are especially powerful if used on Banshees, Mantises and Phaetons (obviously). Unlimited energy hacks and unlock hacks are only possible in the Halo 5 arena with modded lobbies. There are no unlimited credit hacks however, since credits are stored on the game servers.


halo 5 guardians cheating


When is it justified to use an aimbot in Halo 5?
Remember those games where the enemy team was stacked to high heaven and literally just killed you and your newbie teammates over and over? Well that in our opinion is the right time to use an aimbot in Halo 5: When you are being spawn-camped by superior players that do not respect you in any way, then that is a perfect excuse to turn on your hacks and start evening the odds. This is the perfect way, since it does not annoy anyone. A more balanced game is more fun for everyone, unless they are some kind of sick, domineering psychopath that derives pleasure from dominating and insulting others. Also always be nice to your teammates and enemies, and use cheats with respect to avoid getting reported and also because you are a social person, obviously.


halo 5 guardians hacks


Halo 5 hacks: What is possible, what is impossible?
Generally, it is impossible to hack your energy, your ammo, your unlocks, your health ect. However, modded lobbies in arena mode might be an exception here. Though lobby mods will get patched over and over again, these hacks might be possible from time to time. However, modded lobbies are not something that you can achieve yourself, since it requires advanced hardware and expertise to set up. However, they can be rented from someone who has the resources and know-how. Credit hacks are not possible under any circumstances however. Ski hacks are possible client-side, but other players will not be able to see your hacked skins/armors ect.




Is it possible to cheat in Block N Load?
Yes cheating in BnL is indeed in the realm of possibility: Aimbots can automatically aim your abilities and guns, then shoot them to get skills. Scripts can automatically build walls, mine, dig, place defenses and so on. Wallhacks can replace radars and show you enemies through walls. However, there are no hacks for unlimited blocks, health, levels ect.

Is cheating in Block N Load legal and will I get banned?
Cheating in online shooters is completely legal. Cheating has existed as long as there were games around. However, Jagex, the developers, have the right to ban people from their game. Therefore we do recommend that you only use cheating software that is completely undetected or only use hacks on your alternate accounts.

How much do Block N Load Hacks and Aimbots cost?
The average aimbot or wallhack for any online shooter will cost you around 10$ per month, since programmers are required to keep the hacks up to date with every new update of the game. Use free stuff at your own risk, since it will get detected quickly.



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What are the best cheats for Block N Load?
Aimbots and Wallhacks make it possible to extract enemy positions on the map and use them to automatically aim and shoot guns and skills alike. This is without a doubt the best way of farming kills and with it score and level up your account to get more unlocks. So arguably aim bots and ESP (Extrasensory Perception) Hacks are the best ways of farming kills, assists, score and leveling your account.

Are there any god modes, block hacks, gold hack and platinum adders?
No there are not. Values like your health, gold blocks, platinum blocks, unlocked heroes, skins, perks, your health ect are all stored on the game servers and are therefore not in any way, shape or form hackable. Anyone that tells you that they have gold hacks or god modes ect are lying to you.


block n load hacks


What other kinds of hacks are there?
Other hacks that could potentially do well in this game are speedhacks that allow you to speed up your movement, building ect. Also in the realm of possibilities are noclip (walking through walls) hacks, flying hacks, no-spread hacks and no-recoil hacks. However most of these simply do what aimbots would do, but are not that popular, so they will be harder to find.

What heroes are best suited to cheating?
If you are using a Block N Load aimbot, then you will probably want to play Nigel, since he has insane long-range damage and can snipe people from far away. However, Cogwheel also does insane DPS, but needs to get in closer. Do keep in mind though, that this is a team game and even if you are cheating, it will pay to work with our team mates. Even if you are cheating, you will eventually die, if there are no healing stations or buddies to support you.


block n load aimbots


What can I do to make sure I do not get banned?
First off, you have to use paid quality software that is always up to date. Free hacks will only be undetected for a limited amount of time and will get you banned after that. Then it is also important that you are not being obvious about hacking and respecting other players. – People will report you if you disrespect them and make your shady activity obvious and that can quickly get you banned from the game permanently. – As it should be btw.

How OP are hacks in BnL?
At the end of the day, the game is about destroying the enemy base and not about racking up kills. Therefore, while hacks are powerful, they are not going to make your team dominate on their own usually. Keep building and keep helping your team.



ESP Hacks aka Wallhacks
In Short:
ESP Hacks (also known as Wallhacks) are code that is injected into a game client in order to highlight certain objects, such as enemy players, on your screen in order to give you a considerable tactical advantage in an Online First Person Shooter. ESP hacks are a client-side cheat and exclusively used in online shooters.

How ESP Hacks Work
Just like aimbots, ESP Hacks use the same kind of exploit in order to display or highlight important information: Any shooter, in order to display the game to the user, has to render the whole map on the client (players) PC, which allows us to scan for certain object IDs and display certain objects. All one really needs it the ID on an object, like a head or piece of armor or a weapon in order to locate an enemy player or other kinds of objects. This kind of exploit cannot be patched, since in most shooters you have to be able to kill just about anyone on the map at any time and your game needs to display all the information required in order to keep the game fair. We are still multiple decades away the technology to be able to render game graphics on the server, especially with graphics becoming more sophisticated every year. – So this kind of cheat will most likely be in shooters for a long time.

fps esp hack

Are ESP Hacks / Wall Hacks Detectable or Bannable?
As with any client-side hack, it can be detected, if it is not kept up to date. Also public hacks are a lot easier to blacklist for an anti-cheat than a private paid hack. However, if compared to aimbots, Wallhacks cannot be detected by server-side hacks that analyze user stats, since you still have to aim manually and you will seem like a really good player, rather than a cheater. If you have a decent quality paid ESP Hack, you really don’t have to worry too much about getting banned, unless you keep shooting people through walls and they report you. Aside from that you can pretty much go crazy. ESP Hacks are much harder to detect through watching kill cams than aimbots. However, if you download a free ESP hack, then be careful and check the threads every time you use the hack in order to make sure that it is still up to date and undetected. Also if you use free Wallhacks, then please use them carefully, since free hacks get blacklisted a lot faster if people don’t use them with care.

The Usual Features of an ESP Hacks
Any paid ESP Hack of decent quality will usually include the following features: Highlighting enemies and allied players though walls and other objects, Displaying player names, health, class, weapons, ammo ect, Displaying enemy and allied players on a 2D map, Displaying explosives, such as grenades or claymores, Displaying distance to targets, displaying crosshairs if not shown by the game, Warning if enemies are seeing you or aiming at you. Some ESP Hacks include other features that can be game specific. Enemies and allies will usually be highlighted with colored boxes or squares that scale with distance. Some software will highlight the exact siluet (or outline) of the body. The reach of an ESP hack is limited by the draw distance of a game. Usually it will display everything on the map or a really significant part of it. In games with a big open world the distance is more limited, but still very significant.

fps wallhack

Why there are not all that many Free ESP Hacks
This is answered quite easily: Wallhacks need to be updated every time the game gets an update or the code is blacklisted by anti-cheat. If a hack is public, usually there will be a lot of people using it and using it without care, since its free and they have no reason to respect any investment they made. – This leads to the hack being detected and banned quickly. If you also consider that the developer is providing the product for free and does not get paid to keep it up to date, then you will understand why finding working free ESP Hacks for any shooter is really hard. Generally, we recommend that you subscribe to a paid hack, since that way you do not risk your account and are able to use the cheat reliably. However, if you really don not want to pay, then you will have to take the risk. But don’t come to our forum to cry about your account getting banned. Free hacks are used by lots of people and will usually be banned quite soon.

Anti-Cheating Software for Online Shooters
In Short: Anti-Cheat Software are programs that are either run on the game server (server-side anti-cheat) or on your PC (client-side anti-cheat) and that are supposed to detect any kind of cheating. None of both methods are 100% effective and can be circumvented by either using private (paid) cheats or being very careful.

How Client-Side Anti-Cheating Software Works
One of the most known client-anti-cheats is Punk buster. Client-Cheat Detection Software always has to be installed on the users PC and will constantly scan your game process, as you play the shooter. What these kinds of programs basically do is to search for a certain blacklisted code in a game process on your computer. Since most hacks do need to inject code into the game client process, this method is highly effective if the anti-cheat developers can get their hands on the hack itself. – Which is why free hacks posted on big cheating sites often get banned within days. Now the problem about this kind of cheating detection is that any private or paid hack is almost immune to it, since paid hack developers are more than able to just change the code around at any time and create hundreds of different variations in order to keep the hack undetected. Keeping up with these changes is often too much work go get rid of a too small number of cheaters, which is why most anti-cheat developers do not even try to ban paid hacks.

fps anti cheats

How Server-Side Anti-Cheating Software Works
Server-Side Anti-Cheats are a very new development in the online gaming industry. The most well-known piece of software up to date is called FairFight was first used around the beginning of 2014. Now as the name says, this kind of cheat detection is run on the game server (if there is one) and not on the end users PC. Now what a Server-Side Anti-Cheat will do is that it will analyze player statistics. – What statistics? Well to be honest we simply do not know. Since the software is run on the server, it is very hard to tell. It will probably depend on the game. However, it is very likely that statistics will be used that are measurable in every shooter: Kill/Death Ratios, Accuracy (!), Kills or Points/Minute ect. Then these statistics will most likely be compared to everyone else on a global or server scale and the program then probably either flags you or does not. Then what most likely will happen is that either a human will review your account or that you will be banned after a certain amount of flags over a certain amount of time (or similar). Again, this is all speculation and solely based on our experience and experience reported by people on the internet. Some games will even configure their anti-cheat to ban people after just one suspicious activity, others are more lenient.

How to Not get Detected by Anti-Cheat
Generally, just play with respect for other players and the game you are playing. – Don’t try to dominate a whole server, but try to have fun helping others with your superior “skills”. Don’t hack to PNW, hack to have fun, skip grind and help. Other than that you should not use any free software that might be outdated. If you use free hacks, always make 100% sure that it is still undetected at the time you are trying to use it. Also if your aimbot gives you the option to make it seem more human, then use that functionality. Always respect the anti-cheats. Technology gets more sophisticated and the detection methods will continue to evolve. But so will the hacks, I guess.

What Anti-Cheat is my Shooter using?
That is what you are going to find out yourself. Using Google usually helps. A lot of games are starting using a client-AC and then are adding server-AC later on if cheating seems to be a problem. Also not all games are transparent about what server-side ACs they are using, since they don’t necessarily want to tip off hackers.

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