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ESP Hacks aka Wallhacks
In Short:
ESP Hacks (also known as Wallhacks) are code that is injected into a game client in order to highlight certain objects, such as enemy players, on your screen in order to give you a considerable tactical advantage in an Online First Person Shooter. ESP hacks are a client-side cheat and exclusively used in online shooters.

How ESP Hacks Work
Just like aimbots, ESP Hacks use the same kind of exploit in order to display or highlight important information: Any shooter, in order to display the game to the user, has to render the whole map on the client (players) PC, which allows us to scan for certain object IDs and display certain objects. All one really needs it the ID on an object, like a head or piece of armor or a weapon in order to locate an enemy player or other kinds of objects. This kind of exploit cannot be patched, since in most shooters you have to be able to kill just about anyone on the map at any time and your game needs to display all the information required in order to keep the game fair. We are still multiple decades away the technology to be able to render game graphics on the server, especially with graphics becoming more sophisticated every year. – So this kind of cheat will most likely be in shooters for a long time.

fps esp hack

Are ESP Hacks / Wall Hacks Detectable or Bannable?
As with any client-side hack, it can be detected, if it is not kept up to date. Also public hacks are a lot easier to blacklist for an anti-cheat than a private paid hack. However, if compared to aimbots, Wallhacks cannot be detected by server-side hacks that analyze user stats, since you still have to aim manually and you will seem like a really good player, rather than a cheater. If you have a decent quality paid ESP Hack, you really don’t have to worry too much about getting banned, unless you keep shooting people through walls and they report you. Aside from that you can pretty much go crazy. ESP Hacks are much harder to detect through watching kill cams than aimbots. However, if you download a free ESP hack, then be careful and check the threads every time you use the hack in order to make sure that it is still up to date and undetected. Also if you use free Wallhacks, then please use them carefully, since free hacks get blacklisted a lot faster if people don’t use them with care.

The Usual Features of an ESP Hacks
Any paid ESP Hack of decent quality will usually include the following features: Highlighting enemies and allied players though walls and other objects, Displaying player names, health, class, weapons, ammo ect, Displaying enemy and allied players on a 2D map, Displaying explosives, such as grenades or claymores, Displaying distance to targets, displaying crosshairs if not shown by the game, Warning if enemies are seeing you or aiming at you. Some ESP Hacks include other features that can be game specific. Enemies and allies will usually be highlighted with colored boxes or squares that scale with distance. Some software will highlight the exact siluet (or outline) of the body. The reach of an ESP hack is limited by the draw distance of a game. Usually it will display everything on the map or a really significant part of it. In games with a big open world the distance is more limited, but still very significant.

fps wallhack

Why there are not all that many Free ESP Hacks
This is answered quite easily: Wallhacks need to be updated every time the game gets an update or the code is blacklisted by anti-cheat. If a hack is public, usually there will be a lot of people using it and using it without care, since its free and they have no reason to respect any investment they made. – This leads to the hack being detected and banned quickly. If you also consider that the developer is providing the product for free and does not get paid to keep it up to date, then you will understand why finding working free ESP Hacks for any shooter is really hard. Generally, we recommend that you subscribe to a paid hack, since that way you do not risk your account and are able to use the cheat reliably. However, if you really don not want to pay, then you will have to take the risk. But don’t come to our forum to cry about your account getting banned. Free hacks are used by lots of people and will usually be banned quite soon.

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