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Is it possible to cheat in Days of War?
As in any online shooter it is indeed possible to cheat in DoW: An aimbot is able to automatically aim your guns at enemies in sight, a triggerbot can automatically shoot for you, wallhacks and radar hacks can show you where enemies are on your screen and on the minimap. However, there is no God Mode, unlimited health, ammo or anything like that, since this is an online game and all important data is stored on the Driven Arts servers.

Is it legal to hack Days of War?
Using Days of War Hacks may be frowned upon by the players of the game, but it is certainly allowed before any law anywhere in the world. The worst thing that will happen is that if you use detected software, your account may get banned. So don’t do that.


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Days of War Aimbot Software
Auto aiming bots are essentially code that is injected into the game that finds objects on the map and then automatically locks onto and aims at these objects (usually players) as soon as your character has line of sight on them. A trigger bot then takes over and shoots automatically if configured that way. The whole function is usually triggered by holding down a key or mouse button.

Obviously, this kind of cheat is incredibly powerful at stacking up kills and farming score on DoW, but it is also very easy to get banned if one is being a prick and just killing the whole server. Remember people will report you if you are bine an antisocial dirt bag. So use aimbots with respect for your fellow players or suffer the consequence, which is a ban on your account, hopefully forever.

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Days of War Wallhacks
Just like the aimbot, the ESP or wall hack will scan the map for enemies, grenades, mines, weapons to pick up ect. However instead of aiming at them, it will highlight them on your screen or on your minimap, making it much easier to avoid or find enemies. This way of cheating in Days of War is arguable the most fun, since it does not take the skill and therefore the sense of achievement out of the game and will be fore fun in the long run.

Wallhacks are just as detectable as aimbots, but they do not get reported, unless you are very obviously looking at other players and tracking them through walls or prefiring corners. Remember prefire is a dead giveaway.

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Private Server Hacks and Mods
If there are going to be self-hosted private servers in the future, there will be some interesting modding and hacking possibilities, such as God Mode, kill the whole server, teleporting, invisibility, speed hacks, unlimited ammo and so on. However, at this point it is not entirely clear if the server side software will ever be available and if there are going to be any dedicated self-hosted servers for DoW at all. It would be a lot of fun to mod the game and create some custom game modes besides the cheating aspects of it of course.


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