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Is it possible to cheat in Rules of Survival?
Yes indeed, cheating is possible on both mobile (Android / iOS) and PC alike through the use of Rules of Survival Hacks and Mods. The possible mods include auto aiming (aimbot) for automated aiming and shooting, improved aim assist, auto looting, dodge scripts, wallhacks (ESP), speedhacks, modidifed field of view and a lot more. However, since this is an online game, there are no unlimited gold and diamond hacks that stick and don’t desynchronize the game.

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Rules of Survival Mods & Hacks
RoS is a mostly server-sided survival shooter, which means that the most effective way of cheating is through the use of hacks, such as aimbots and wallhacks that allow you to see enemies and items through walls, making looting extremely easy, getting kills even easier, surviving more likely and give you a great chance at that turkey dinner and the gold and diamonds that cone with it and therefore allows you to farm more crates ect.

Rules of survival Mods on mobile (Android / iOS) are harder to find, but can enable speedhacks for running / driving faster, easy dodging of shots ect. On Windows PC ESP wallhacks will be more easy to come by than on mobile, aimbots are possible on all platforms, improved auto aim is possible for mobile as well.


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Rules of Survival Auto Aiming Bots (Aimbots) and Wallhacks
Wall hacks and aim bots for Rules of Survival work very similarly to each other, as they take advantage of your phone/tablet/pc having to know what is around you to display the game for you. These cheating apps scan your environment for objects, such as items, players, air drop crates, lootable players ect and display that information to you. In addition, the aimbot will automatically aim your guns at enemies in sight and shoot your guns (trigger bot) automatically to get more kills. Aimbots can be configured to shoot for limbs, head or body. The best way to go depends our your weapons, since a Barrett will always kill on a limb or headshot, but most assault rifles, such as the AKM, M4A1 ect will do better shooting for the head only. Either way these Rules of Survival tools will allow you not only to loot more times and weapons by finding them extremely easily, but also outduel any other players.

Aimbots are usually most effective on assault rifles, snipers, then machine pistols, shotguns and pistols. Assault Rifles are best, because they can be used at any range and will be able to kill at any range using an aimbot.


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Rules of Survival Mobile Mods (APK / IPA) Files
While on PC cheats are usually run like any other application alongside the game, on mobile devices you will have to install a modified version of the game client. That means you need to download the modified version of the APK/IPA file. IPA mods are for iOS devices and modded APK files are for Android. On iOS a jailbroken device will be required to install Rules of Survival hacks, however on Android only some APK mods will require a root. You will have to download a new mod for every update that game receives, as old versions of the game client won’t be accepted by the game servers. Warning: There are no Rules of Survival mods for unlimited gold / money, unlimited diamonds / gems, unlimited health, damage hacks, all weapons, level 3 gear, unlimited crate openings for cosmetics and there are no online generators or online hacks of any kind. – Beware: These are usually survey offer scams and human verification offer fraud. You have been warned.


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Rules of Survival Scripts
Scripts are apps that automatically perform actions for you and they are incredibly powerful to use in battle royale games, since speed and dodging is key here. Scripts can automatically loot players for you, they can move your character back and forth to avoid incoming fire, they can automatically heal you, they can quickly jump when the scripts detects enemy fire to avoid damage in close quarter combat ect.

Scripts are mostly used on PC, but can be set up for Android and iOS as well. This kind of cheat is not quite as powerful as a full on auto aiming app or a wallhack, but is incredibly hard to detect and can optimize the smaller things that can get you killed very easily, such as not strafing while looting ect.


Rules of Survival Private Servers
While they are not really an actual cheat, since they don’t give you anything on the official game servers of Rules of Survival that are oned by NetEase Games, private servers can still let you test weapons, emulate having unlimited diamonds and gold, play games with your friends and if you own your own emulated/private server, you may even be able to give yourself a god mode.

The only problem here is that creating a private server is only possible if you reverse-engineer the game servers yourself or get your hands on the actual server-side software used by the official game, which is very unlikely to happen as any decent game developer will make sure that that does not happen. – None the less, this is the one and only potential way to get money hacks and god modes in Rules of Survival.




Rules of Survival Wallhack / ESP Cheats
As already established, this kind of software allows the user on PC, Android or iOS to see items and players from anywhere. – This is especially useful for looting in the very early game when entering the right house to find a Rifle, Shotgun or Sniper is extremely important and has to be done quickly. In this case Rules of Survival Wallhack apps will allow you to get a gun before players around you and easily dispatch them after.

Later in a game, having walls activated is unbelievably useful as well, since you can easily avoid players, flank enemies for easy kills, you see their health, their armor and weapons ect from far away. You can also easily loot exactly what you need, since you will see the items that spawned in any given building from far away. Overall, the wall hack is one of the most useful means of cheating in Rules of Survival currently available for download on the internet.



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