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In Short:
Bots (short for Robot) are programs (AI) that can perform simple and complex tasks on their own without any assistance by a human being. In online games bots are mostly used to farm, level up characters and perform other tasks that are repetitive, no-skill based and time-intensive.



How Does an MMO Farming Bot Work?
In most MMORPGs a bot will read the game memory (on your RAM) in order to determine you position and scan for mobs (enemies / NPCs), then will follow a scripted path to do several tasks. The simpler the game is and the less actual skill it requires, the more effective a bot can farm it. – This is why games that use tab-targeting are especially easy to farm. Depending on the bot, you might be able to record or script your own paths and to customize the tasks that are to be performed. The bot will then start its script or route and repeat it until it gets stuck, the game gets disconnected or the bot stopped. Only very few bots are able to find their own way. Most bots are also using scripted routes in order to minimize the chance of getting stuck, seeming suspicious and reducing the risk of getting reported and banned. Bots can literally be programmed to do anything, as long as it does not require creative thinking or complex decisions.

mmo farming bots


Why Do People Use Farming Bots
There are three main categories of bot users: The ones that do it to save time and enjoy the game more, the people that do it to sell gold or other currency for real money and the ones that do it to super nolife an mmo, playing at daytime and botting while they sleep. – The vast majority of botter does it to save time: Leveling especially can be a process that takes a lot of patience, since often you do it multiple times. You level up your first character; let’s say a Tank and leveling up is still quite fun. Then you level up your DPS and Healer and suddenly the leveling becomes so much of a chore and complete waste of time that you just would rather use a bot. Especially seasoned MMO veterans have gotten tired of leveling up characters over the years and since they play to enjoy the endgame, they want to skip to the endgame. – And bots are the closest you will ever get to skipping the leveling process. With the rise of Free To Play games, grinding and farming has become even worse: Now certain developers are trying to force us into spending money by wasting our time, making the use of bots even more attractive.

Are Farming Bots Detectable / Bannable?
Compared to most hacks, bots do not inject any code into the game client and are therefore not detectable by scanning the game process. However, bots will always behave different from real people and if one is monitoring player behavior, one is still able to detect bots. – This is why we need to take a lot of precautions if we are using bots to farm in MMOs. The easiest way to detect bots is the playing time: Humans are unable to play a game 24h per day and if you keep your bot running 24/7, you will almost certainly rise some red flags and run the risk of getting banned. Time played is an easy metric to track on the server-side, but some games are going even further: They will analyze your paths, your actions per minute and other metrics that correlate with botting. – This is why we try to change our farming paths every few hours in order to mix the behavior up. The ideal situation is that you are using a bot that allows you to create your own paths and chain them together in a random succession. So generally: Yes bots can be detected by analyzing player stats, but if you invest the time to keep your bot save and limit your farming time, then you should not have to worry at all.

mmo gold farming botsfind


The Usual Features of a Farming Bot in MMOs
Usually, and farming bot by a decent developer will include the option to create or edit paths, the option to edit fighting procedures, insert keystrokes, sell items at vendors, repair equipment, gather materials from nodes, get unstuck, resurrect and resume path and path finding is static levels. Bots should in addition to that be able to heal automatically, as well as buff and debuff automatically in PvE. There are almost no bots that can successfully do PvP content, since AI is simply not bright enough to beat human players. Some bots are quite good at questing, but that depends on the static or dynamic nature of quests. Generally bots are good at performing static, repetitive tasks and bad at performing dynamic ones. – With other words: The more engaging and skill-oriented a game is, the harder it will be to bot it. Some bots are even able to trade on the action house and may even be programmed to buy at certain process and sell at others, but these bots are generally hard to come by, since they can generate huge profits.

Why there almost No Free MMO Farming Bots
Farming bots for most MMOs and MMORPGs are not only very hard to program, but also very hard to maintain. Aside from the bot AI itself, one needs to create and maintain farming paths that actually work and one should ideally have multiple paths to farm one area in order to not seem to suspicious. – That is a lot of working hours that go into programming such a bot and that means people need to get paid. Only very few games are simple enough to let the bot create it’s own paths. Usually, if you let the bot find his own path, he gets stuck. However in games that use a simple 2D surface, such as Diablo or similar games, AI path finding is more effective and bots can potentially be provided for free, if the developer is very generous. Usually however, bots cost a pretty high subscription fee that depends on how popular the game is and how much competition there is. Free bots are even harder to find than free hacks and that is not very likely to change anytime soon.



Online Game (MMO) Hacks
In Short:
Hacks are programs that inject code into the game client (process) running on your PC and alter or add function in the game in order to give you an advantage over other players (PvP) or the environment (PvE). The possible cheats are very limited, since the game is usually only partially processed on the client-side.




How MMO and MMORPG Hacks Work
Any online multiplayer game works basically the same: You have software installed on your computer (game files); we call this the client side, and your client connects to the game server; we call that the server side. Now if we want to cheat in a “massively multiplayer online game” (MMO), then we need to change the way the client or the server works. No at this point it is important to notice that manipulation processes on the game servers is impossible. The only thing we are able to influence is what is processed on our own PC. So most values that are fundamental to the game experience, such as your items, money, health, cooldowns, experience, skill points ect., are impossible to change in 99% of all MMOs out there. However there are certain smaller hacks we can certainly achieve that are very helpful and in certain cases even powerful if used correctly.


mmorpg hacks


What Client-Side Hacks are Possible in an Average MMO?
It largely depends on the game: Most games will process important values like your money, items and health on the server to protect against god mode hacks, item hacks, money hacks and similar overpowered cheats. This is understandable, since such hacks could ruin the economy of a game and the income of the developers. But other than that we are able to change a lot of functions in a game to our advantage. Seeing and walking through walls, flying around, jumping very high, checking out inventories of other players, disabling cooldowns, reducing damage taken (semi-god mode), invisibility and partial invisibility, teleporting, auto aim functions – there are a lot of cheats that can be achieved using hacks. Hacks can either alter the way the game works (ex. wallhacks) or add new functions to it (ex. auto aim). What hacks are available for a particular game depends on the size of the hacking community and the measures taken against hacking by the developers.

In almost every MMORPG ESP Hacks are possible, Wallhacks work most of the time, teleporting will work at least for short distances and flying works for most games as well. – This very much depends on the physics engine and how far the anti-cheat measures have been developed. There are also other mechanisms that can interfere with certain hacks: In some games, if you walk through walls, the game will think you got stuck and teleport you back into the world.


mmo gold hacks


Why are MMO Hacks hard to Find?
The reason behind this fact is quite easily explained: Hacks are not as powerful in MMORPG, as they are in Shooters. Bots remain the most powerful cheat to use in MMOs and hacks are mostly catering to a very small niche of very competitive PvP and PvE players. Most the function that hacks offer do not really benefit your farming process or leveling process at all, but are only useful if you compete with other players. However, most MMOs are far less competitive than Shooters and this is why bots are the far more popular way of cheating. – You will most likely still find a few hacks here and there, but they will most likely be outdated soon. Only very few hack devs will actually provide these kinds of cheats, but there are a few. If you are playing a very PvP heavy MMORPG, then your chances to find working hacks constantly is probably decent.


I want Unlimited Gold Hack, Can I Has?
It does not exist. Please stop asking. Gold is processed on the game servers of any MMO or MMORPG. You will never be legally able to change your money / gold / whatever currency value EVER. The only way to get more gold using cheats is botting or using exploits. However, most exploits are going to get you banned, if you use them at a time after they get public (f.ex. Duping). Why? It is because the currency of any game keeps the game economy going and makes the developers a lot of money: Either through auction houses, real money trades or the emotional connection (investment) the players develop by spending time grinding the currency. You understand? Good.



Online Game Exploits & Exploiting
In Short: Exploiting is the use of bugs (programming flaws) found in a game in order to get an advantage (to cheat). Using exploits can lead to the most overpowered cheats available in MMOs and MMORPGs, which sometimes leads to the whole game economy crashing. The use of exploits is against the Terms of Service of most games and will very often result in a ban, if the developers find out about it. Therefore we recommend you only use exploits you find yourself and before they are public.

How Exploits Work
While there are literally thousands of different exploits that could potentially be found in any game, they all are based on a flaw in the game (aka bugs/glitches/lag ect). One of the best know kinds of exploits in MMOs is probably the duping exploit that can allow a player to duplicate items or other objects in the game world. But there are a lot of other bugs that can get you an advantage: Bugged spawn points can let you farm XP, Money and Levels easily, mobs that give too much loot or experience, bugged quests, bugged market prices, bugged auction houses, bugged item sending mechanisms, bugged abilities can allow for effective farming or even semi-god modes and a lot more. The possibilities are literally endless. With most online games most exploits are used in the first 12 months of it’s life time, after that the developers usually patch them all sooner or later. How do they get patched? Well usually someone makes the exploit public, thousands of players start using it and the developers have to patch it in order to keep the game from breaking. However, it has to be assumed that some exploits never get public and never get patched, since an exploit that does not get out of hand, usually does not get fixed. Many MMORPG players assume that many of the gold sellers and item sellers out there are either directly or indirectly using private exploits. I for one agree: Some exploits require very specific conditions and may never be discovered by another person and may stay private forever. How do you know whether something is an exploit or intended part of the game? – Use logic: If something seems too good to be true, it’s probably an exploit.

mmo exploits

How do You Use Exploits?
Well that really depends. There are some that can be done manually, some that require the use of software and some that require even more complex conditions, such as lag and multiple accounts ect. Usually, the simpler an exploit is, the more people find it and the faster the exploit will be patched. Exploits are not something that is reliable either. Most duping exploit for example do not have a success rate above 2% if done manually, since most depend on perfect timing, and this number is bound to decrease even further as technology progresses. Bots are a lot more proficient at exploiting games, since they can certainly nail the timing aspect a lot better than a human being can and they do not get tired either. For some exploits a simple click bot is enough to automatically farm respawning mobs or gathering nodes. Other exploits can easily be done by hand, such as bugged vendor prices. However, keep in mind that if an exploit can be done manually, you are probably not the first to notice and you might endanger your account by overusing it. Most important thing about using exploits however is: Use the exploit carefully. Most developers can see how much EXP, Money or Items come into your account and if you are the #1 in the world when it comes to gold earned or similar, that is certainly suspicious and warrants further investigation by the game mods. Just take it slow, even if you just struck gold. If you really think you have found something no one else knows, make a few alts and spread your activity over multiple account in order to protect yourself.

How to Find Exploits?
Most online game exploits that get public are found by accident and not by people looking for them. However, there certainly are people that literally make a living off of exploiting games. – They are usually the ones that are selling gold or other in game currency even cheaper than the biggest bot farmers can. – Yes they do exist and most of them have a background in programming and do have a very good idea of how the game works on the server side. I myself do not know much about programing, but that a talented programmer has a far better chance at finding and reproducing glitches, dupes and other exploits is quite clear to me. – Now when it comes to giving tips about finding exploits, it do not have the most extensive experience myself. However, a lot of dupes for example are either based on using an object in 2 different contexts at the same time, allowing if a small chance for the server to glitch and duplicate an item. Sometimes the presence of lag is required for such a process to work, sometimes it’s not required and sometimes it’s fully impossible. So trying to use an item to craft and equip during a lag spike would be one way to try duping. However, actively trying to break a game is an excruciating process of lots and lots of trial and lots and lots of error. So, unless you know exactly what you are trying to do, it will probably just lead to you burning out and not going through with it for too long. It takes a very special kind of person with an unbelievable attention span and lots of patience to actively find exploits and that is why most are found by accident. Some people will try and force the game server to lag by using DDoS attacks. – You need to know that this is illegal, costs the developers a lot of money and we do not approve of it in any way.

mmo dupe exploits

Will I get Banned for Using Exploits?
Again, that depends on the game you are playing and it’s developers. Most developers will not screw around when it comes to exploits that could potentially ruin the game, the economy, player experience or their earnings. – These will usually get you banned in a heartbeat with most developers. Sometimes they only ban the worst offenders and issue limited time bans for smaller offenders in order to protect the “accidental” exploiters. Also generally, if the exploit is visibly observable by other players and they report you, you will have to expect a ban, since there is actual visual evidence of your cheating activity. But those are just the general tendencies. At the end of the day you are completely at the mercy of the game developers and moderators. Try not to use public exploits: If you see a video on YouTube giving you a manual how to dupe in your favorite game and it has 100.000 views, you might not want to try it, because if 100.000 players watched it, the developers will catch on soon. Just use common sense and you will be fine, as with pretty much all cheating methods.

What are Dupes / Duplications?
Dupes aka Duplications are a very specific kind of exploit that duplicates items, currency or other objects in the game world. At beginning of the life-cycle of a game there can be some pretty easy duping methods that are usually patched within weeks: For example you may put something on the auction house, then stop your auction and suddenly have 2 of the item you just put up for auction. Later, dupes are achieved by using items in different contexts at the same time: Stashing and Dropping an item at the same time for example. Some dupes also require the presence of lag or other very specific conditions. – There is really cookie cutter method of duplicating items in games. In some games it’s possible (more than you would think) and in some it’s not. In some it is possible to do manually in others it’s not. In some games you need lag in other you do not. The only way to find out is to try, try, try. According to my experience, most MMORPGs that gets released on to the market will be the victim of duping at some point in its lifetime, leading me to assume that almost every virtual item can in some way be duplicated. I’m also pretty sure that there is a great amount of duplication techniques that never get public and never get patched.

Private Servers and Server Emulation
In Short:
Private servers are either based on emulation or the official scripts provided by (or stolen from) the game developers of an MMO/MMORPG. They are game servers under private control, allowing for activity outside the official game rules and normal game experience. Most of the time in order to use a private server, the game client has to be hacked to connect up to the non-default server. Legally speaking this is often a gay area, unless its officially allowed and/or encouraged by the game developers. Private servers often also allow the implementation of new features through Mods, which makes them fairly popular.

How a Private Server Works
Official private servers as we can see them in games like Mincraft or DayZ do work pretty much the same way that the official game server do. The only real difference is that they are under private control and not being managed by the official game developers. Often private server do require some small changes to the game client or in some games browsing and connecting to private servers is integrated into the stock client. If setting up your private game server is possible, really depends on the kind of game and its developers. Some developers are very open to people running their own servers and even encourage it. – These devs will often let you download the server scripts from their site and will even provide support for them. However, even most of the PS-friendly developers will not be ok with you asking for money or donations to “keep your server running”. If you want to run your private server, you will have to finance it yourself in most cases. This is understandable, since you would basically be making money with a game and server-script that you did not create. Some developers do allow people to mod and edit their servers and clients to implement more gameplay mechanics and again that depends on the developers. Obviously some people will still mod, even if the devs are not allowing it. Overall this is the easy and non-debatably legal way to do Private Servers.

mmo private servers

How Server Emulators and Emulated Private Servers Work
Since most game developers will not make their server-scripts public in order to be able to monetize their games, some people will still try to create their own game servers using emulation. Now this is a lot more difficult to do than just running an official server, since you need to pretty much reverse-engineer the whole game server. – That basically means that one needs to recreate the whole world through manual work of creating tools to scrape the official server. Also one needs to create its own AI in order to emulate the mob behavior for PvE. Overall, this is almost unfeasible for most complex MMORPGs. Another issue is that with this kind of server emulation, the default client will not connect to the new server and needs to be hacked as well. Everyone trying to connect to the emulated server will have to use the same hacked client, else the game is very likely to crash. Legally speaking this technique of creating an emulated server is kind of a gray zone. – It really depends on what the games Terms of Service say about the use of the game client and what servers you are allowed to connect to. Usually you will not run into problems, as long as you are not making any money with your emulated server. – This is also a general rule for private servers and persecution: Make money? If yes, be careful. If no, don’t worry too much.

mmo emulated servers

Should I Play on Private Servers?
If it is officially supported and allowed by the game developers, then yes. If the developers do not approve of the private servers, you are still not in danger of getting banned, but you might want to ask yourself if the server you are using is hurting the game. If you come to the conclusion that the private server is hurting the game overall or the profit of the games real owners, then you might want to support the developers. It’s really just a moral decision for users. Do what is most fun for you and you feel is good for the game. If you like certain modded servers it might even be good for the main game, if you show your support. – It might convince the official developers to implement the same improved mechanics into the game.

Should I Run a Private Server?
If the developers allow it, then yes. However, as soon as you are asking for money in some way or are accepting donations, you might want to be careful. Sadly there are those people that would mod a private server in such a way to make a lot of money and going away from the original concept behind the games business model. If in doubt, it is best to ask the developers for their blessing. Most developers will be ok with you accepting donations to keep your server running if you ask them personally and promise that you are not aiming to make a profit. However, If you are in the private server business to make lots of money, modding the game to support real money buying of items and similar, expect to be sued if your server gets too popular. – This is what is commonly called “unfair competition” and is a serious crime in most countries. So overall: As long as you are not stealing code or making money, you should be fine.


Is it possible to cheat in Dragomon Hunter?
Yes it is indeed possible: Bots can be used to automatically farm gold, experience, daily hunts and bounties, automatically sell items and generally do the repetitive stuff in the game. Scripts can be used to automatically dodge and use abilities. Hacks are able to enable minor cheats like teleporting, walking through walls, speedhacks and similar. However, there are no gold hacks , aeria point adders, god modes or anything in that manner, since those values are processed on the game server.

Is it legal to cheat and will I get banned?
Of course cheating in games is completely legal, if something that isn’t loved by everyone. However, Aeria Games do have the right to ban anyone they want from their games and therefore it is recommended that you use software that is 100% undetected at all times and be nice to other players.

How much do Dragomon Hunter bots and hacks cost?
Your average online game bot or hack will cost you around 10 to 20$ per month, because programmers have to keep the programs up to date and working with every single update, no matter how minor it may be. Free stuff will usually get detected within days and therefore should never be used on ones main account.


To find online game bots and hacks, click here. For more information, read below.

dragomon hunter cheating

For Educational Use Only

Dragomon Hunter Cheats Explained
The most popular method of cheating in this particular game is the use of bots: Bots are programs that will take control of your account and automatically farm for you. Bots are able to kill mobs, loot, sell items to get more space in the bag and get gold, they are able to complete daily hunts and bounties, they can craft automatically and improve gear, they can automatically manage your farm and so on. Hacks are less potent when it comes to farming, but a lot better at PvP, since they allow you to fly, walk through walls, teleport and run faster, which makes dodging a lot easier. Scripts can also be useful in maximizing DPS by having a bot automatically hitting your spell rotations. However, bots are still most effective in farming gold and hunter levels. Last, but not least there are exploits .Exploits can be extremely powerful, since they are based on bugs in the game that can allow you to completely brake the game mechanics by duplicating items, farming unlimited gold and experience from bugged mobs and so on. However, exploits are usually patched within weeks and therefore can almost never be used over longer periods of time.


dragomon hunter hacks


Dragomon Hunter Bots
The best thing about the use of bots in online games is that they are almost undetectable: They do not inject any code into your Dragomon Hunter game process, but merely read the games memory and simulate player input based on that information. The only way for a bot to get banned is if it gets reported or someone analyzes the movements of an account. Dragomon bots are able to automatically complete quests and thanks to the auto-pathing option in the game itself, that is even easier than in most MMORPGs. Your average bot will be able to get you to max level within about 2 weeks tops. So if you are looking to get to endgame quickly, then this is probably the best and most time-saving option for you. However, bots should never be used more than 10h per day, since otherwise the account will conform with the usual pattern of bots and may get flagged for a mod to look at it more closely, which you will want to avoid.


dragomon hunter bots


Dragomon Hunter Hacks
First off: There is no way to hack your gold, items, gear, level, pets, stats, aeria points and so on. This is because all of these values are processed on the game server and therefore cannot be hacked using any legal or feasible means. – One would have to hack the game servers, which is highly illegal and probably impossible as well. Therefore you should not trust anyone that offers you unlimited gold, health or aeria point on the web.

Now what is possible to hack is you position, allowing you to teleport to bosses, your speed, allowing you to speedhack the game, you can get flying hacks that reduce your gravity and noclip hacks that allow you to walk through walls. However, those are the only legitimate hacks for aeria that you can buy.


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