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Online Game (MMO) Hacks
In Short:
Hacks are programs that inject code into the game client (process) running on your PC and alter or add function in the game in order to give you an advantage over other players (PvP) or the environment (PvE). The possible cheats are very limited, since the game is usually only partially processed on the client-side.




How MMO and MMORPG Hacks Work
Any online multiplayer game works basically the same: You have software installed on your computer (game files); we call this the client side, and your client connects to the game server; we call that the server side. Now if we want to cheat in a “massively multiplayer online game” (MMO), then we need to change the way the client or the server works. No at this point it is important to notice that manipulation processes on the game servers is impossible. The only thing we are able to influence is what is processed on our own PC. So most values that are fundamental to the game experience, such as your items, money, health, cooldowns, experience, skill points ect., are impossible to change in 99% of all MMOs out there. However there are certain smaller hacks we can certainly achieve that are very helpful and in certain cases even powerful if used correctly.


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What Client-Side Hacks are Possible in an Average MMO?
It largely depends on the game: Most games will process important values like your money, items and health on the server to protect against god mode hacks, item hacks, money hacks and similar overpowered cheats. This is understandable, since such hacks could ruin the economy of a game and the income of the developers. But other than that we are able to change a lot of functions in a game to our advantage. Seeing and walking through walls, flying around, jumping very high, checking out inventories of other players, disabling cooldowns, reducing damage taken (semi-god mode), invisibility and partial invisibility, teleporting, auto aim functions – there are a lot of cheats that can be achieved using hacks. Hacks can either alter the way the game works (ex. wallhacks) or add new functions to it (ex. auto aim). What hacks are available for a particular game depends on the size of the hacking community and the measures taken against hacking by the developers.

In almost every MMORPG ESP Hacks are possible, Wallhacks work most of the time, teleporting will work at least for short distances and flying works for most games as well. – This very much depends on the physics engine and how far the anti-cheat measures have been developed. There are also other mechanisms that can interfere with certain hacks: In some games, if you walk through walls, the game will think you got stuck and teleport you back into the world.


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Why are MMO Hacks hard to Find?
The reason behind this fact is quite easily explained: Hacks are not as powerful in MMORPG, as they are in Shooters. Bots remain the most powerful cheat to use in MMOs and hacks are mostly catering to a very small niche of very competitive PvP and PvE players. Most the function that hacks offer do not really benefit your farming process or leveling process at all, but are only useful if you compete with other players. However, most MMOs are far less competitive than Shooters and this is why bots are the far more popular way of cheating. – You will most likely still find a few hacks here and there, but they will most likely be outdated soon. Only very few hack devs will actually provide these kinds of cheats, but there are a few. If you are playing a very PvP heavy MMORPG, then your chances to find working hacks constantly is probably decent.


I want Unlimited Gold Hack, Can I Has?
It does not exist. Please stop asking. Gold is processed on the game servers of any MMO or MMORPG. You will never be legally able to change your money / gold / whatever currency value EVER. The only way to get more gold using cheats is botting or using exploits. However, most exploits are going to get you banned, if you use them at a time after they get public (f.ex. Duping). Why? It is because the currency of any game keeps the game economy going and makes the developers a lot of money: Either through auction houses, real money trades or the emotional connection (investment) the players develop by spending time grinding the currency. You understand? Good.



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