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Is it possible to cheat in Mobile Strike?
Indeed it is possible to gain advantages through the use of automated farming bots, building bots, raiding bots, hacks, hacked .apk and .ipa files and other software. It is also possible to apply hacks on PC through the use of emulators, macros and so on. So with other word it is quite possible to get hacks working if you either know how or get your hands on some high quality Mobile Strike cheating software. However, it is impossible to get unlimited commander XP, gold, food, iron, stone, oil ect, since those values are stored on the Mobile Strike game servers and cannot be hacked.

Is it legal to cheat and will my account get banned for using hacks?
Cheating is any game, including online, mobile, iOS and Android games cheating is legal everywhere on earth. Editing files on devices you own is always allowed under any circumstance. However, Epic War does have the right to ban users from their services, so it is highly recommended that you use cheats provided by trusted developers that keep their hacks undetected at all times.


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To find mobile game hacks and bots, click here.

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Mobile Strike Bots
Mobile Strike bot software is a program that will automatically build your base, raid other bases, build your army, heal your army, level up your commander, automatically spends ammo to collect boosts ect. A bot is an app or program that can either be run on your Android / iOS Device that usually requires a rooted deice or alternatively can be run on a Windows PC and access the game through an emulator or through direct contact with the server.

Bots will usually either focus on building or raiding. Raiding bots are more complex, since they have to scout, calculate profits and then execute the raid and repeat. Building bots on the other hand will simply upgrade your base buildings as soon as they are available to upgrade, helping your base to grow quickly. They are preprogrammed to go for certain customizable builds that will either focus on resource generation or army production.

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Mobile Strike Hacks / Modded .apk .ipa Files
Hacks usually come in the for of modded or hacked game client files: That means modded .APKs for Android and modded .IPAs for iOS devices. The hacks that can be achieved are usually not too powerful, since resource hacks or level editing are impossible in online mobile games like Mobile Strike. However, minor cheats, such as speedhacks, auto build or auto raid may be possible. Another problem about modded game files is that they have to updated every time the official game gets an update and therefore are very rare to find for every specific build of a game.

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Unlimited Gold, Food, Iron, Commander XP, Oil, Army Generators are FAKE!
As already pointed out it is impossible to get unlimited resources, money and gold in online games, such as Mobile Strike, because this data is stored on the game servers owned by the developer. These servers cannot be hacked and even if they could be hacked, which they cannot, it would not be legal. So please dont fall for the survey offer scams that trick you into downloading fake generators, adders and hacks that cannot exist.


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