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Tree of Savior Cheating FAQ

Is cheating in Tree of Savior possible?
Yes indeed, there are ways to cheat in ToS: Automated farming software (aka bots) will allow you to automatically farm mobs, complete quests, farm money (funds / silver) automatically, upgrade gear and so on. Hacks can potentially allow you to move faster, teleport and even to hide in terrain or run through objects, which is most effective in PvP team battles. Last but not least there are exploits that can potentially allow you to farm unlimited money, EXP and items from bugged mobs, duplicate items through rare bugs and lots more. – However, this is the most rare of all the cheats available for Tree of Savior.

Is cheating in ToS legal and will my account get banned?
Cheating in games has always been and will always be completely allowed all over the planet. However, IMCgames (developers) do have the right to remove any players from using their services. – For this reason it is recommended that you use any cheating software or program with the utmost respect for your fellow players and make sure your software is up to date, 100% undetected and of high quality. That way you should not have to worry about detection or bans when cheating in ToS.



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Tree of Savior Cheating Methods
In true RO fashion Tree of Savior is one of the greatest and biggest farming / grinding treadmill games out there and while we love the constant feel of progression about the game, it does take a whole lot of time to actually farm your characters to level 600 (and beyond), acquire the best gear and weapons in the game ect. – For this exact reason automated farming software that plays the game for you, farms monsters for gold (money / funds), experience and items automatically is the most popular way of cheating in Tree of Savior. – Bots are able to automatically complete quests on any class, spend skill points automatically, level your stats, sell items at vendors, automatically use EXP cards, quicktravel and so on. A good Tree of Savior Bot can not only save you 1000s of hours of your time, but also allow you to enjoy the fun parts of the game that do not include farming to the fullest.

The effects of hacks are not very useful in the PvE aspect of ToS, since client side hack features like better running speed, teleporting, super jumps and walking through terrain is most useful in PvP where it can be used to kite opponents and avoid damage. However the risk of using such hacks is tremendous, since players can report you to the game mods directly if they notice you defying the rules of the game. 


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