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Watch Dogs Trainer
This is a compilation of different trainers for Watch Dogs. Since the game has been released on multiple platforms and has had a lot of special editions there is no guarantee that any of these will work for your patch and version of the game fully. However, most of them should work at least partially for your version. The trainers include options like Unlimited Health (God Modes), Unlimited Money, allowing you to buy all the weapons and cars ect you need, Stealth options that are meant to make you invisible to enemies and make sneaking around easier, One Hit Kills for more overpoweredness, Unlimited Skill Points, Experience, Unlimited Time on your Hacking timers, Unlimited Ammo and No Reload Cheats, Resetting your Wanted Level, Unlimited Battery for your hacking abilities and a lot more awesome cheating options. Hacking a hacking game – what irony. Obviously these cheats will kind of spoil the game for you, so please do not use them on your first play through. In order to learn how to use Cheat Table Trainers, you are free to check out this tutorial, outlining the basic steps to using them to cheat in PC games. To download the trainer file and get started, please sign up and download the file here.

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