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This is a short tutorial on how to get unlimited hearts (lifes), coins, keys and bombs in The Binding of Isaac and its expansions including Afterbirth. In order to follow this tutorial you will need Cheat Engine.


How to do it
1. Get Cheat Engine and start it up

2. Connect to the game process by clicking the PC icon and selecting the Binding of Isaac process
3. Scan for the value you want to hack in 4 Byte mode or All-mode (hearts count for 2, half a hert counts for 1)
4. Change your health, keys ect whatever you want to hack .
5. Scan for it again and again until you are left with under 10 Values
6. Change the values or freeze them by checking the box beside them.

For a more in-depth tutorial watch the video above or go here for a full lesson.


The Binding of Isaac Values
Coins / Money = 4 Bytes
Red Hearts = 4 Bytes (1 Heart is 2, 3 full hearts = 6 ect)
Grey Hearts = 4 Bytes (same as red hearts)
Bombs = 4 Bytes

It seems that most values in The Binding of Isaac (including Afterbirth) are stored as 4 Bytes. Hearts hereby count as 2 for each full heart and 1 for half a heart. Freeze the heart value in order to get a working god mode. Freeze values by checking the box right next to it.


[Mega Trainer] http://hackerbot.net/forum/trainers/1976-trainer-the-binding-of-isaac-inc-afterbirth-god-mode-items-stats-ect

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