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State of Decay Trainer Update #1
This trainer for State of Decay on Steam is the updated version of the old State of Decay Trainer. In this version a few bugs were fixed and compatibility with more different updates of the game has been ensured. The trainer still includes all the old options and adds some new ones on top: God Mode (Unlimited Health), no Weapon Degradation, Unlimited Stamina, Unlimited Ammo and No Reload, Unlimited Health for all Humans (Companions), Influence Cheats, Item Hacks and a lot more. The Unlimited Ammo and No Reload Cheats are especially useful combined with the Unlimited Durability for Weapons, since it allows you to gun down dozens of zombies within seconds. That way you can take on whole hordes of zombies on your own. Now the Unlimited Health for all Humans cheat seems to be flawed and can make your game crash, when entering into a cut scene, so use at your own risk. You can see how to use this trainer here and download it here.


State of Decay Trainer (Cheat Engine)
This is a trainer for the release version of State of Decay on Steam and will allow you to enable several options to cheat in the game through Cheat Engine: A working God Mode (unlimited health), unlimited Stamina, Morale, Influence, Unlimited Ammo, Stockpiles, Edit Inventory, Edit other Characters and a lot more. This is basically a Mega-Trainer that also includes pointes for health, ammo, stamina and other useful values. In order to run this, follow the instructions given in the video and get Cheat Engine at the link above. You can download this trainer here.


State of Decay: Breakdown Trainer
This trainer works for the latest version of State of Decay on Steam and also the Expansion (DLC) Breakdown. It includes the same cheating options as all the other trainers for this game featured on this site. Do not forget to set your weapons to infinite Durability to inhibit them quitting on you. Also do not forget to use a pistol with high fire rate in combination with your unlimited ammo and no reload hack. Have fun and download the trainer here.


State of Decay Early Access Version Trainer (Cheat Engine)
This trainer for the Early Access Version of State of Decay on Steam, will enable you to activate a complete God Mode in SoD. The Trainer options give you unlimited health, infinite stamina, ammo, stockpiles and unlimited influence over other characters. It has been tested on the official EA Version of State of Decay and might now work with any other versions. You will however need Cheat Engine in order to open and activate the trainer. –This trainer can be downloaded here.

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