Top Best Game Hack Websites in 2021

This is a short list of the best game hacking websites for games on Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation, Xbox and other Consoles. Ranked based on working cheats, safe downloads and amount of up to date cheats.

Who would we be if we did not put ourselves as #1 on our own list. That being said, HackerBot does allow you to search all the top game hacking and modding websites in the world for working cheats and game hack downloads, so there is at least a weak argument to call it the ultimate game hacking website, if we indeed needed to argue our case. Site is safe and clean and works.


While this site specializes in Android game mods, they also cover iOS game hacks and general game hacking. The reason why we put it on this list is not necessarily for all the great free and paid game mods they provide, but also for the really solid tutorials section that is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to mod games and get the game hacking basics down. Overall, good site, some shady account selling (just skip that).


Mostly all about iOS game mods, but also featuring a solid Android section, great tutorials section just like PM that teaches you everything you need to know about game hacking on iOS. They features both free and paid cheats and as always if you want the best of the best downloads and mods for your games, you will need to get a premium subscription. Overall, it is a good site, clean, trustworthy, but Apple iOS so that qualifies for a slight deduction of points.


One of the oldest and mostly PC focused websites, not mobile friendly at all but has been providing free PC cheats for many, many years. It pays to be careful when downloading anything from the site posted by new-ish members and always running virus scams before unpacking or running anything. – Keep in mind that anyone can post pretty much anything on the site, so there is a risk associated with using software posted here. However, if you want free PC cheats, it is pretty much one of the best places we have to get our fix. Overall, this is a good game hacking community.

Another mostly PC focused cheating community. I know they provide a lot of working game cheats and have been for a long time, but due to some advertising partnerships with people I do not trust and me lacking a lot of experience with them I am carefully including them in this list. It pays to be careful when downloading anything from the and always running virus scams before unpacking or running anything. Again, anyone can upload here and it is safer to use paid cheats from trusted providers as with free cheats there is always a risk or malware, as the creator is not getting paid for their work and therefore is incentivized to find other ways to monetize. Overall, this is certainly a good game hacking community.

More websites will follow soon..