Android / iOS Bots Review – Is Legit or a Scam?

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TL;DR is by far the best service for running mobile game bots for Android and iOS that I know of. More expensive than setting up your own macros, but also far easier, offering better features quicker and even offering a service where they do everything for you. screenshot

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4.5 stars is a relatively young provider that has been in the business of providing mobile game bots for Android and iOS games since around 2017. However, some of their people may have been around for much longer. While they use some of the shady marketing techniques that are common in the game cheating industry, such as fake reviews, they also seem to provide a legitimate product at extremely fair prices. Their software seems to be mostly server-based and will require you to have a Windows PC to connect to their virtual machines that will have their bot software preinstalled. While I feel that the setup is not quite as easy as most mobile users would like it to be, their expectations are usually not very realistic and what GnBots does is really just about as easy as setting up a bot can get, especially since you can pay them to do the setup and farming for you, if you have the money to spend on that bot service. – I do not know the owners of the site, I was contacted by a member of their team once for marketing purposes, but they seem to be either US or UK based and fairly trustworthy. Very low risk, especially since you don’t actually have to install any applications on your mobile device or PC. Features

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