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AFK Bot:
Most Online Games can detect inactivity (a player being Away From Keyboard) and will automatically log you out or disadvantage you (disconnects, no rewards ect) for being AFK for too long. An Anti-AFK Bot will feed the Game automated user input, such as mouse movement, button / keys ect, that will allow you to not play the game, but not trigger the AFK “punishments”.


Free AFK Bots by
We have taken the time to compile a variety or universal and game specific macros in an .EXE format that will easily allow you to avoid triggering the AFK / inactive state in most online games, MMORPGs, MOBAs, Online Shooters and even Mobile Online Games running on Emulators.

Some scripts will require you to use the games default key bindings for certain actions, but we will release more customized versions and versions that can be used in as many games as possible (universal AFK scripts). The Download is completely Free and available to anyone that is signed up to our site.


How to use our Anti-AFK Bots:

  1. Star up your game in full screen mode if possible.
  2.  Get to the position where your character will go AFK.
  3. Start the Script.exe
  4. The script will usually run on its own for about 24h.
  5. CTRL + Q To stop the Script, CTRL + P to pause the AFK bot.
  6. Anti-Inactivity Cheat is now active.

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What can Anti-Inactivity Macros be used for?
- AFK farming with a group
- Leeching XP / Rewards / from events, PvP or PvE instances
- Rage quitting without getting punished for inactivity
- Staying connected to the Game while AFK and avoiding having to relog
- Farming resources generated by simply being online in the game and active

There are many uses for this kind of program. Some of them are “nice” and some of them are rather selfish, such as AFK leeching from PvP arenas ect and are likely to get your reported. Keep in mind that real players, especially in PvP situations, will be annoyed if team members are inactive and will tend to report them.



  • Anti-AKF functions will keep you active while trying to minimize movement
  • Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and Mac + Wine
  • Simple .EXE file for easy use
  • Will run for 1 day or longer at a time
  • Can be customized by running your own macros alongside it, just program your macro to start and stop this every once in a while.
  • Completely Free


AFK Bots
- Universal AFK Bot (for MMOs, Shooters, MMORPGS ect) V 1.0