How to Get Back and Recover Your Hacked Game Account

If you are an online gamer, then there will always be a possibility that your account gets hacked. So what do you do if someone else has taken your account, accessed it, maybe even changed your password and email address. Here is how you get back your account.



Step #1: Secure / Reclaim your Email Account!
The one thing you have to do ASAP is to secure the email account that you used to register the game account! – This is vital in proving that you are the initial owner. Sadly, a LOT of people use the same password for their email accounts as they do for their games. While this is a huge mistake to do this, it is a reality. So if no one has taken over your email account, simply log in and make 100% sure that your password is different from the one the hacker got a hold of for your game account and is in no way similar or connected to that password or other data the hacker may have access to.

If the hacker has taken control of your email account, this is what you do:

  1. Go to the email login page (gmail/Hotmail/yahoo mail ect)
  2. Try to log in using your login.
  3. If it fails because the hacker has taken over your account, go to FORGOT PASSWORD (or similar option, remind password, recover password ect)
  4. Any decent email service will have a system that can identify if you are the initial owner of the email account by asking you some questions only the owner would know.
  5. Answer the recovery process questions, such as approximate date of creation of the account, recovery email, phone number, your security questions, last password you remember ect.
  6. Simply answer these questions as well as you can and you will be granted back your account, all the changes the hacker made will be reverted.
  7. PUT TWO FACTOR AUTHENTIFICATION ON YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT! So that the hacker cannot reclaim control using any means! (this is VITAL)

Ok. Step #1 is complete and your email account is secure. We can now begin game account recovery.

recover hacked game account


Step #2: Finding the Support Email Address of your Game / Game developer!
Since you are not able to log onto the game itself, the game forums or a help desk, you will need to find a support email address for your game. We will need this to send emails to using our email address use used to create the game account in order to prove that we are the original and rightful owner of the account, which is VITAL if you are claiming to have gotten hacked.

So here is how you find as many support email addresses as possible:

  1. Go to Google or your favorite search engine.
  2. Enter ‘game support emial’ and try to find an email address for the game.
  3. Enter ‘developer of your game support email’, find the developer of your game by searching for your game on Wikipedia if you are unsure.
  4. Enter ‘developer of your game contact email’ and get that one as well just to be sure you are reaching some of the developers.
  5. Put all the email addresses you find into a text file or whatever. Store them is the point.

Every game developer worth his salt has multiple email addresses. If you have not found any, you are most likely not looking hard enough.

secure hacked game acc

Step #3: Recover your Game Account!
Good, you now have proof that you are the initial owner of the account in for of the email used to sign up and you have email addresses for support and the developers of the game. All you have to do now is write an email that explains your situation and send it from the email address used to sign up for the game.

Here is how to construct the recovery email:

  1. Use the email address you used to create the game account to send this email, this is VITAL.
  2. Send the email to ALL the email addresses you found in step 2.
  3. Give support the following information: account name, account email, account creation year, payment accounts used for transactions, your last login date (!!!), when you realized that your game account got hacked.
  4. Tell them what your situation is and that you would be thankful if they would help you recover your account.
  5. Any developer worth his salt will be able to verify that your account got hacked using this information, using payment/ip logs and so on.
  6. You now have to wait and be patient. Some support teams will literally take weeks to answer you.

secure hacked game account password

Step #4 Secure Your Game Account and avoid Future Hacks!
In 98% of cases, you will get your account back if you follow the steps outlined above. Now follow the following steps to make sure your game account never gets hacked again:

  1. NEVER EVER give anyone your login data (email and/or password) NEVER even if they claim to give you free money and free gems and free god mode!!!!! This is how 90+% of all game accounts get hacked!
  2. Choose a password other than ‘123456’, ‘qwerty’ or ‘mynamejeff’… put some #%*-+/ characters ion there and essentially it cannot be guessed or brute forced.
  3. NEVER use the same password for your email as for your game. Try using varied passwords.
  4. Again please, NEVER fall for fake hack scams, fake cheat password fishing schemes ect. Never give anyone your login data, even if they claim to give you free gold and girlfriends! Please don’t be naïve.

Step #5: Congratulations, You are now Hack Proof!
While getting ones game or email account hacked and potentially getting some virtual goodies stolen can be a distressing situation, it will only help you to avoid such things in the future. You are now more knowledgeable and have a story to tell your grandkids on a cold winters eve sitting in front of the warm, fiery stove about the ‘time an evil Russian hacker stoled your game account xD’.



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