What is a VPN?
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that allows you to change your IP Address and encrypt your traffic so that no one can know what you are doing online or what servers you are connecting to. Without a VPN websites, games and other players may be able to see your exact IP address and use it to ban your game accounts, identify you ect.

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Features of a VPN

  • Play online Games Anonymously (useful for cheating)
  • Allows you to change your IP in games to an IP from any country
  • Allows you to run multiple accounts in one game
  • Allows you to change your IP when game hacking to reverse bans more easily
  • Allows you to unlock region locked apps, games ect.
  • Gives you added privacy and security when hacking games
  • Works for Mobile / PC and other devices.

There are of course also other darker applications that VPNs are used for since everything you do will be untraceable and no logs will be kept with any decent VPN. However, we do not recommend you dabble too much in the darker crafts, brother, because karma always catches up with you.


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Why Do I Need a VPN / Virtual Private Network?
Generally, it is always better to be anonymous if you have a choice. And if you are hacking games, running bots and other things that may not exactly conform with game rules, you REALY NEED A VPN.

A changed IP Address gives you plausible deniability in case your account gets banned. You can claim that someone ‘hacked’ your account and used it to cheat, maybe use a Russian IP address when you are using hacks and aimbots ect. So it can help you get banned accounts back.

A VPN is also incredibly useful when playing an online game on multiple accounts to avoid bans. Since you can change your IP, running multiple game accounts is easy and undetectable, as long as you remember to change your IP.


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How much does a VPN Cost?
The longer your subscription, the cheaper it gets. But any decent one will be around $10 per month and then get cheaper with longer subs. Fist time subs usually get insane price reductions.

Do you recommend a VPN for me to use?
There are very many of these VPN services and even more opinions on which one is the best. For game hacking and gaming in general, I will link you to the one I deem to be currently the best, most affordable, can be bought with the most payment methods, is fast and anonymous. You can find it here.



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