The Step by Step Guide on Learning How to Hack / Bot Games

This is everything you need to have and do to learn to create Game Hacks, Bots and other Cheating Software yourself. Many people do not understand the incredible degree of knowledge and expertise that is required, and why I keep my tutorials so simple, limit them to tools that anyone can use. Her is why:



What you need:

  • Autodidactic Ability
  • Lots of time or a very high IQ
  • A computer of some sort

This is how you learn game hacking:

  1. You need to learn Basic Programming Logic.
  2. After the basics, you need to know about Data Structure and Algorithms.
  3. At this point you need to know a programming Language, C++ is ideal, because most games are written in C++, but C# works.
  4. Learning the language before knowing the basic logic, will not work out for you.
  5. Now find out hacks / bots that other people made, tutorials, guides and try to reverse-engineer them and crate them yourself. Do it until you have a basic understanding.
  6. 9% of people reading this will never have the knowledge to get to the final step, which is what people that want to learn how to hack games are actually looking for:
  7. Learn How to create Hacks yourself, without tutorials.
  8. This requires you learn Assembly (programming language) and Reverse Engineering. You will do this by reading content by other game hackers.
  9. There you go. Now you are able to hack / bot games.


So here is the answer to the question “how do I learn to hack games?”, “how can I make my own bot?”, “how do I become a game hacker?”, “teach me?” ect.

Personally, I could not even teach you any of these things if I wanted to, because I am not a programmer. Also of the thousands of people I will link to this article, probably less than a hand full will ever actually be able to program hacks or bots.


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