How Hackers Hack Facebook Accounts and How to protect Yourself

This is a short overview over the most popular hacking methods that hackers use to get control of Facebook accounts. It is also a tutorial on how to protect against Facebook account hacking.



What are the most popular hacking methods for Facebook Accounts?
1. Phishing is the sending of fake emails and other messages to send Account Owners to fake Facebook login pages that record the account login data (email + password).
2. Fake tools that either record login data, infect your PC/Phone with keyloggers or send your login data directly. These “tools” are usually fake account hacking tools of promise you free stuff.
3. Trojans and other viruses are able to log all your Facebook login data or copy all your saved passwords from all of your browsers.
4. Sniffers recording traffic through free wireless routers or networks controlled by strangers can record all your login data under certain circumstances and using certain apps.
5. Brute force hacking are programs that try every possible combination of letters/numbers/characters to find your password. – However, these are really rare these days, since they do not usually work anymore due to countermeasures that are state of the art right now.


facebook phishing


“Password Phishing” and How they do it
Phishing is the electronic kind of fishing in that a bait is used (usually an email) to get people to bite and give the hacker their password. This usually happens by simulating an email from “This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”  which is done by using direct email sending and header editing.

The victim is then baited to click on a link that is usually disguised as, but leads to a subdomain of a hacker (example or ect).


facebook phishing email


On the hackers site the victim will then find a fake Facebook page that will ask them to log in. If the victim “logs in”, the login data will be sent to the hacker and the victim will be automatically logged into the actual Facebook site and never know about it.

How to avoid it: Always use a spam filter on your email account. Never click on links that are sent to you by “Facebook” or check every URL that is behind a link. Keep in mind that the URL can be different from the anchor text that you see directly in the mail. If you should still visit a link, make sure it is not a sub omain, but*.


facebook fake tools


Fake Facebook Hacking Tools and Offers
Another very popular method that is not only used to get people to fill in surveys, but also to extract account information. What the hacker does here is to offer some kind of software or access that sounds too good to be trues, because it is. Facebook account hacking tools are often used here to capture logins for accounts.

The victim will want to get the fake software or offer, downloads it and then it will either ask him to simply input his login data or it will install malware that logs it automatically. Some would say that that is just punishment for people with malevolent intent, but most of them are young kids that do not know any better.

How to avoid it: Do not download any “free” pieces of software that promise you the world. Be realistic about what is possible and if something sounds too good to be true, then don’t trust it. There are no facebook hacking tools.


facebook viruses


Trojans, RATS, Keyloggers and other Malware that log Facebook Data
In many cases Facebook accounts are also hacked through malware that was on one computer or mobile device for a long time. Such software has the capability to extract saved passwords from your browsers, log your keystrokes and passwords and so on. Everyone that uses the internet can catch such malware and as technology progresses and more people sue the web, it will continue to be a problem.

How to avoid it: Do not save any passwords in your browsers. Use one or multiple anti-virus programs. – Here we recommend software that is not developed in the west, since we suspect them to have backdoors for governments (evil conspiracy theory / illamonati confirmed ect). Change your password ever few months.


facebook sniffers


Network Sniffers (especially on wireless hotspots)
Sniffers are able to record all data sent through a network, which can under certain circumstances lead to one being able to decrypt and read login data for Facebook. There are literally wireless hotspots that are set up for the sole purpose of fishing peoples login data as they use their phones or laptops to connect to the “free wireless network”.

Theoretically sniffing on wire connections may also be possible, but that is rare. Basically don’t use PCs connected to a network who’s administrator you do not trust. For example a school network could be sniffed, fi the administrator had malevolent intent.

How to avoid it: Do not use open wireless connections.


facebook brute forcing


Brute Forcing Facebook Passwords
This is the “classic hacking method” that uses brute forcing software the literally try every single combination of characters to find a password. However, in reality this is not really viable and no hacker out there really does it. Major platforms like Facebook do not allow unlimited attempts of logging in and therefore this methods is useless. It would probably take years to find a password that is only 4 characters long. And as soon as one uses numbers or special characters, it becomes almost impossible.

In order for this to work, which makes it even harder: This method requires the hacker to know the email address (login address) of a Facebook account. Another reason why you really don’t have to worry about this method.

How to avoid it: Make your password longer than 4 characters

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