How to use AutoHotkey Scripts (.AHK) as automated Bots and Macros

This is a short tutorial on how to use AutoHotkey code or .ahk files to automate tasks on your PC. Keep in mind that in order to run these codes you will need a Windows PC and AutoHotkey installed.


How to use .AHK scripts or AutoHotkey code
0. Install AutoHotkey
1. If you only have a code, then create a new .txt file on your desktop and paste the code into it, then change the file ending from “.txt” to “.ahk” in order to create an executable AHK file.

(if you do not see file endings / file types, then set your explorer to show them in the folder options in your control panel)
2. Simply double click the file and then use the script
3. Most scripts have toggles to enable then which you can either find in the description where you downloaded the file  or alternatively can be found in the actual code.

Tweaking .AHK files
AutoHotkey code is pretty simple in most cases an can easily be customizes. For example setting delay between actions can usually be done by changing the “(Interval=400)” (milliseconds) before a given function. Keybinds can also easily be changed by changing the “F12::functionname()” which binds a certain key to a certain fuction.

AutoHotkey scripts and bots for games
If you find random AHK scripts for games on the web, that does not mean that they necessarily have to be working. Keep in mind that specially online games, which these kinds of scripts are most used for, get updated all of the time and as the game gets updated and worked on, a lot of the scripts created for a certain game will no longer work on newer updates of a game.

Learning to program AutoHotkey Scripts
Learning to script AHK macros and bots is relatively easy, since the programming syntax is very simple and there are literally tons of working scripts out there that you are free to simply modify to your liking, instead of having to script them from the ground up.

I might do some moore tutorials on how to program AHK or AutoIT scripts in the future, should I ever get more into it.

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