In this video we examine whether or not Game Hacking is Legal, if you can go to prison or get sued for hacking games on your gaming devices. The short answer of course is that you need to play online games and really, really try extremely hard to even get a chance of getting sued for game hacking. Any normal cheater downloading and using hacks, bots and other cheating software will never run into any problems besides accounts getting banned.

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The only way one can get into legal trouble while hacking games is if what one does is causing financial harm to the developers of the game and they are able to prove that. So it is always useful to use common sense when cheating in online games. As for offline games you are allowed to do whatever you want with data on your own device that is not communicating with other devices, which means in offline single player everything is 100% allowed.

People that sell mods or hacks can run into problems with copyrighted code, unfair competition ect. Generally, as soon as someone is making money by selling something that is based on copyrighted code, the case gets complex. Same goes for bot selling, RWT (Real World Trading), but all these cases do generally have to go in front of a judge or many instances of judges before being decided, which is a long and tedious process for everyone involved and experience has shown that especially internationally such cases will generally end in a draw.

We will see how this changes as the law adapts to the new world of technology and gaming.

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