“How did he know where I was? This guy is Stream Sniping!”
“These guys were totally ghosting me.”
“He knew I was going to play that card. That Stream Sniper.”

stream sniping ghosting spyingStream Sniping
Stream Sniping is if one player of an online multiplayer game uses a stream (ex. Twitch Stream) to get information about the opponent players ad then uses that to “snipe” the streaming player and his allies. It is called sniping, because the sniper often gets information that allows him to strike very accurately (like a sniper) and in fact so accurately that it is usually obvious that he or she is either stream sniping, ghosting or hacking. Stream Snipers are mostly a problem for some of the most well-known streamers out there that can easily be recognized if people see their names. Most streaming sites allow the streamer to set a delay on their stream to counteract stream sniping, but most streamers refuse to use that function in order to provide a more enjoyable experience to their viewers.

Ghosting is very similar to stream sniping, except that in ghosting a player is using exploits to scout the enemy players. In some games it is possible to spectate games without delay, allowing the “Ghost” or “Ghoster” to use multiple clients or IPs and machines to simultaneously play the game and spectate it at the same time. A lot of games (especially competitive ones) are countering ghosts with delays on spectator mode. However, there are also cheaters out there that come up with their own spectator mode. Sometimes all one has to do is hack the camera to achieve a “free roaming ghost camera” and be able to spy on your enemies. Usually this kind of cheating is only done in highly competitive games.

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