Staying Undetected when Cheating in MMOs (Hacks / Bots)
Most cheats that can be used in MMOs and MMORPGs are detectable in some way. If people get detected using bots, hacks or exploits in a ban is the resulting punishment most of the time. However, if you will get detected or not depends on a lot of variables, such as: Is the company that runs the game even looking to get rid of cheaters? Are you using outdated hacks? Are you using hacks / bots carefully? Is the cheat you are using even detectable? A lot of factors are involved when it comes to evaluating the probability of detection.


Detectable and undetectable Cheats and Hacks
Generally speaking most hacks that actually change the way a gam e works, are detectable. So if a hack unlocks your zoom, lets you see through walls, walk through walls, gives health or money or edits any other aspect of how the game works, it is probably easily detectable. Now detectable does not mean detected, keep that in mind.

There are also cheats that are not detectable, such as bots or tools. A bot is a program that will play the game for you, but it usually does not change how the game works. So a bot is not detectable by server checks. But a bot is detectable through behavior: If your bot is stuck on an abject and continues running for 3h, the chances are good that people will see you and might report you. Same goes for hacks: Even if they are undetected and you use then too offensively, people will see you, report you and the hack might be detected soon, putting your account and the accounts of all people using the same hack in danger.

Knowing what hacks are detectable and what hacks are undetectable is important if you want to be cheating in a game for longer periods of time. The most important thing is to know the developers and their stakes in the matter: Is the developer losing money due to hacking or botting activities? If Yes, then you might want to be very careful, since money is the prime motivation for most developers to go after cheaters and ban them. If cheats are not causing any financial losses, then you will probably be save using hacks. 

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