“I just disconnected against the same player again! I call DDoS!”
“That guy is definitively DDoSing!”
“My favorite streamer just got DDoS attacked again. He really needs to close skype!”

ddos ddosing online gamesDDoS Players in Online Games
Disclaimer: We condemn any kind of DDoS activity. DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service and it is a kind of attack that many people call hacking, but it’s really not hacking at all. DDoS is a very simple technique to make a server or client unavailable by sending it so many requests that its connection can’t handle it, rendering it temporarily unavailable. DDoSing is illegal, since it often results in financial harm of the target. DDoSing players in an online game is usually impossible, since the game client will not allow other players to directly connect to yours. However, if you have some kind of online application that allows other users to connect to you, such as skype or ICQ, then you are potentially targetable for DDoSers. – So if you are a competitive player in an online multiplayer game, it is recommendable that you do not have any software running on your PC that could potentially allow other users to DDoS you or simply be careful whom you give permission to contact you through these applications. There are literally people out there that have made it their business to find pro players skype accounts, adding them and DDoSing them for payment.

Game Server DDoS
Same as the client, it is possible (under the right circumstances) to DDoS a whole game server. This is a highly illegal activity, since it often results in considerable financial loss for the game provider. Hoever, despite the risk there are a lot of hackers out there that won’t hesitate to DDoS whole servers to harm people or organizations they do not like. In some games DDoSing is used to make the server lag and the lag is then used to achieve certain glitches or dupes. Again we do not condone this kind of activity. The DDoS attackers often use botnets (a system of virus infected PCs) to carry out their attacks, staying completely untraceable themselves.

DDoSing Simplified
Imagine a train. Now 1000 people, out of some kind of hate, decide to board that train in order to make it unavailable for normal train users: So what happens is that the train is filled with people that want to harm the train company and the people actually needing a ride are unable to board the train. That is a simple illustration of how DDoS works.

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